Watch this lovely tribute to Isao Takahata's groundbreaking animation career


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Fuckin’ Grave of the Fireflies, man. Damn.


I will never watch that movie a second time.


At least When the Wind Blows had the mercy to let all the innocent child deaths be merely implied…


I know. Brilliant but utterly devastating movie.


I have to admit this passed me by. :sob:


The best online review of that film EVER

I am NEVER going to put myself through a movie like this again. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER AND YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!"

I’ve spent over thirteen years perfecting the art of sprouting gray hairs over every imaginable tragedy that could befall my children. Hey, life is scary. I don’t need to imagine THAT hard. What happens in Grave of the Fireflies horrifies every fiber of my maternal being. It doesn’t matter that these kids aren’t mine, or that they don’t exist at all. Call me a coward, but there is no part of me that can sit down and watch this"


I just checked the cover of my copy of the DVD, and the B-29 is clearly visible.


Ahh is it? I’ve never owned a physical copy of it. Just be gathering dust anyway because i’m not watching it a second time!


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