'Mind-blowing' new Prince album coming in September


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From what I understand, the vaults under Paisley Park are piled high with decades of recordings by His Purpleness. I assume that there will be a new Prince album every year until his second coming.


Good Morning Ladies and Gentleman
Boys and Motherfuckin’ Girls
This is your captain with no name speakin’
And I’m here to rock your world!


So he is now the Artist Known as Prince again? Maybe in death, a member of Project Mayhem has a name. His name is Prince.


Did Prince actually ride a chopper or did he just pose on one? Kind of like the Beach Boys always sang about surfing and not any of them had ever surfed.


From what i understand there’s albums, music videos, movies, documentaries, etc.I’m not particularly a huge Prince fan but i am curious as to what will come out of his private collection.


Hmm, I don’t know, I’m not too keen on unreleased material of artists being released. Sure, it’s great for the fans but if the artist didn’t release at the time it they must have felt it didn’t represent what they were trying to say or express at the time.

Of course the “estate” will want to release things but some of it just might end up watering down the artist. I can understand if a work was in progress at the time of the artists death but to dig up notes, demos, sketches, everything and anything to get it out there, again, for the fans and a quick buck for the estate, just seems to me we get into an area of bad taste.

Tolkien’s son comes to mind, L. Sprague DeCamp squeezing Robert E. Howard notes and unfinished stories, milking Hendrix recordings, Amy Winehouse, The Beatles “Free as a Bird”. Though a lot of Jazz recordings are released after the fact.

I’m not trying to be a drag, I love Prince’s music, but I don’t think I need to hear everything that he didn’t want to come to light.


Watch purple rain, if he’s not riding it, then it’s a convincing stunt double.


Yes, this sounds like they’re picking the bones.


I’m of the same mind but then again not releasing any of the material he created also presents a problem. Should it go unappreciated and unlistened? It might show what his thought process was, his methods, might show a side of himself few ever saw or appreciated.
I would find this unreleased material interesting, if it’s really not good then I’m sure there’s a way to frame it to still get some appreciation of how talented he was.


I agree that I wouldn’t want works to be locked up forever and these additional works may prove insightful. Even the not-so-good stuff would be appreciated by some folks. I’m sure I’ll be exploring this music myself.

I think my real problem is that it’s being released just two years after his passing. There were always rumors of vaults of unreleased music. Prince never released this music for whatever reason. This seems more like a goldmine for the estate holders and they’ll do what they want regardless of Prince’s original intent with this music. Who knows, maybe he had a plan on releasing this music and the holders are just following through?


“But he’s dead!”
“Well, that didn’t stop L.Ron Hubbard from writing books”


Prince had said as much himself, while alive the material would never be released but that he expected it all to be released after his death if it was so wished. I can try to dig up a quote for it later.



I have very mixed feelings about this, firstly about the commerce side of it(Spotify, yuck), and secondly about how the music is going to be selected, mixed,mastered and presented. Only people that care about his music should be making those choices, but that is not guaranteed.

As far as the material, it certainly won’t be a1000 hours of masterpieces(I’ve heard a lot of bootlegs), but at his peak he was often completing an entire song in a day. Posthumous Prince releases won’t consist of pieced together scraps like most releases of this kind.


Arguments like this always make me think of Kafka who, as you are probably aware, wanted his entire body of work burned after his death.


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