"Minimalist" Stainless steel teabag

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Only savages use tea bags anyway. Tea. . . real tea, dammit. . . wants to be free!


I thought that that the shiny metallic ones were the deluxe ones.


Exactly. Buy a fucking teapot already. Your houseplants will thank you for any undrunk tea once it’s cooled down.

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Is this one of the posts where we’re supposed to mock the stupid product, or where we’re supposed to buy it?


Or use the best single serving teapot alternative around - the Adagio IngenuiTEA (or the Teavana Perfectea, essentially the same thing, although I’ve only used the IngenuiTEA so I can’t give any feedback as to whether the Perfectea is as good). Almost as easy to use as a teabag yet allows the tea plenty of room to expand and bloom. You’ll never use a teabag again.

So, not a CoolTool?

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Totally feel you there. When I saw the photo I thought it must be another advertisement for another cool way to make coffee or tea. I really can’t see the difference between this post and some of the other new ways of making an age old beverage.


From the review, it sounds like it is a pain in the arse to empty out the leaves…
If you want an infuser that puts form ahead of function, one might as well get one of these cute silicone ones:
Amazon.com: Fred & Friends MANATEA Silicone Tea Infuser: Tea Ball Strainers: Kitchen & Dining


The last stainless steel tea-steeping device I owned was accused by my mother of being “for the pot smoking.”


minimalist tea-bagging is just so sad.


INFIDEL! What do you mean “undrunk tea?”


I travel with an old fashioned metal tea ball, but love my Japanese glass infuser pot.

Wait a moment… Brb.


Oh, the huge-manatea!


At least it’s not a hand crafted artisanal kickstarted minimalist tea strainer. I hope i’m not giving any hipsters any ideas… it might be too late.

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Father Guido Sarducci: Thank you. Something a-wonderful has happened to-a me. I was-a chosen to be the SPOKESMAN for this-a wonderful new product. And, Bill, I want to thank you, because the reason they picked me was because they saw me on-a this show. And-a, really, from-a the bottom of-a my heart, I do thank you.

And, you know, Joe DiMaggio does-a this-a commercial – he’s-a the spokesman for something called-a Mr. Coffee, and-a I think that’s-a why-a they-a wanted me, too. This-a product, it’s-a called Mr. Tea. Mr. Tea. And-a, you know, I don’t even drink-a tea. And I said to them, “I don’t-a drink-a tea,” but they said, “That’s okay. We want you anyway.” And-a, I just-a love-a this-a product. What I like about it is, it’s-a SO simple. All you have to do is get-a like a tea cup, or a coffee cup, whatever you call it, and you put a tea bag right inside of it here, and then you put the cup – it fits right in here – and then, you get hot, boiling water… and-a just-a pour the hot water into the Mr. Tea machine… [ he demosntrates these actions ] And, as-a you can see, the water comes-a down through here, down there, right into the cup! And then, all you have to do is wait two, three minutes… and then it’s done! And it depends – if you want it real strong, I’ve found that you should-a leave the tea bag in there quite a while. And, also, if you-a don’t want it strong, you can use it two, three times over and over, so it’s-a real economical, too.


What could be mockable about a $30 tea ball?

Got anything that doesn’t look like a prop from a 1970s science fiction movie?

Have you seen some of the stuff that “Boing Boing Store” shills unironically?


This just seems like it is targeting the wrong part of the problem. If you want a teabag, it’s hard to argue with the price/performance of a tenth of a cent worth of cellulose. If you want to use loose tea, you are better off attacking the problem with something built for the purpose, not attempting to emulate a teabag.

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