"Minimalist" Stainless steel teabag

Plastic containers for long-term use of boiling water-based drinks is definitely unwise. So it lacks BPA. What else is in it that we haven’t discovered yet?

The design looks cool. I’d love a glass version!

Maybe we’re supposed to just look at it?


And the award for three-way punning tonight goes to:
(drumroll please…)


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Well, the cheese plant deserves a cup of tea as well. It’s eight feet high and six feet wide now, so it’s definitely happy with the deal.

Isn’t the standard teabag a bit downmarket now? Wouldn’t you rather aspire to a translucent, tetrahedral, biodegradable mesh ‘tea temple’?

[I have tried and enjoyed Teapigs tea, not sure it’s worth the money, though]

I wonder if they even realise that they’ve just re-invented the tea infuser?
(I used to have a Wallace and Gromit one shaped like a rocket, it was way better looking. Wish I knew where I’d lost it)

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I am willing to entertain the possibility that the extra space allows a closer-to-loose-leaf infusion; but whoever decided to call it a ‘tea temple’ has placed themselves beyond the pale of decency.


You only keep boiling water in it for the time it takes to steep the tea - five minutes at most.

Geez, PG Tips has tetrahedonal bags but they don’t get all highfalutin about it. Their mascot is a sock monkey fer chrissakes. (Not that we ever get to see Monkey here in the States.)

I’m sure they’re aware. Not sure Rob was, though.

Well… the echoing vacuous space in our hearts where Skymall™ used to be needs to be filled with something.

@phuzz There is this fantastic technology that’s only about 20 years old called a “search engine” you should totes give it a try! Rocket tea infuser. :wink:


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