Minneapolis's "water bar" celebrates the wonder and fragility of tap water

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2 ???

3 Profit!

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What is this. I don’t even…

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I just drink from the stream that flows by my house, or the well in my yard. It’s not as polluted as the air I have to breathe, anyway.

But is it alkaline? Because that shit is magic.

(a local chain)

also…they don’t offer supplements???

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Rather than posting something insightful or funny here, I’ll be evil and guess out loud that there’s a perfect XKCD cartoon for this.

(Sorry about whatever else you had planned for the next hour.)

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First in the world? [Done] (http://theresidents.co.nz/blog/2016/2/26/liquid-courage-kane-laing-and-the-water-bar) and doñe .

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