How to make your own "Black Water" and why you probably shouldn't


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The whole “Alkaline/Acid” food/drink “health” products are a special kind of woo and takes a special kind of stupid to think the digestion of foods or drink is some how going to affect your blood, when your digestive system literally uses hydrocloric acid.


For all those hyping how good for you alkaline water is, wasn’t that a problem for pioneers attempting to cross stretches of the US Southwest desert – the only water sources were heavily alkaline, which was no good to drink? Hence all those images of cattle skeletons next to poisonous water sources.



Mississippi moon, won’t you keep on shining on me?


“Black water”? Really? " Blackwater is what you call water contaminated with sewage, which likely contains pathogens. Seems like a bad name for a water product.


Yea why would both vinegar and this black water be good for you? Maybe the whole idea is to reach a middle ground, like ph7?


For all we know it could be this stuff, rendered scentless:

Though maybe if you can get it past your nose, and if some influencer is recommending it…


This is the first time I have heard of the much-hyped black water. Is the hype ineffective? Or am I immune?


Not to mention the good old PMC.


“That is not water!”
“Black Blood of the Earth.”
“…You mean oil?”
“I mean Black Blood of the Earth!”


“it tastes like water, but bitter” – so, NOT like water at all, then? :thinking:


And no ready source of caffeine like other black drinks (Strike five.)


According to Self, “neither fulvic acid or humic acid are required in humans.”

Plenty of things that are not required in humans are nonetheless widely self-administered, such as [YOUR INTOXICANT OF CHOICE].

Update: on reflection, perhaps your intoxicant of choice is required in humans. (Endorphins, I’m thinking of you.) Alternately, it wasn’t required until you got hooked, but it sure as hell feels required now.


That’s the first thing that came into my mind when i read the article.

But then, we have fecal transplants, so there is that. :smiley:


I finally get my teeth white through the miracle of charcoal and now you want me to drink black water!



You don’t need a degree in Chemistry to note that there’s a distinct lack of coherent thought going into this woo-filled marketing hype.

However, if you insist on drinking something with a lot of fulvic and humic Acids in it, may I suggest a more palatable solution:


Mix it with this stuff and it’ll all cancel out.

Oh wait, this stuff is alkaline too, but it’ll cancel out anyway.