11 must-have Black Friday deals for anyone on your list

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Wow, pushing the alkaline water scam, huh? Might as well offer a free subscription to Goop with every bottle.


Heh, my first thought has always been “what do they think happens when that small bolus of alkalinity hits all of the acid in the stomach?” and “you know… your stomach is acidic for some pretty good reasons. It’d take a lot of alkaline water to neutralize that, but I’m pretty sure that I would not want a neutral pH stomach.”.

Me, I’m waiting for the BoingBoing Store Vaginal Steamer!


“Must have” sure ain’t what it used to be… :-/


There are 11 things I must have, and those exact 11 things are available on the boingboing store!

What are the odds?


The whole “alkaline” and “ion” thing is pure quackery and bullcrap. Nobody needs it, especially for that kind of money.


I personally use a homeopathic dose of alkaline water, diluted in alcohol 30c. Much more powerful that way.


Artisanal crafted Dihydrogenmonoxid is where it’s at.

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I used to think my “must haves” were air, water, food, clothing and shelter. Now I know better! I’ve placed a Super USB Cassette Capture and a discount robot vacuum in my earthquake preparedness kit. I had to toss out the bottled water and first aid kit to make them fit, but it’s worth it! When everyone else is wandering around in a daze after a natural disaster, I’ll be digitizing mix tapes and effortlessly cleaning any remaining contiguous flat surfaces!


Is this the disappointed thread? Is it?

[SCNR. But I really would like to try some of these gimmicks. Not own them, just play a bit with them.]

My heart fills with joy when I visit Boing-Boing and see the crap they want me to buy. Especially Black Friday, such a woke occasion.

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