Minor league baseball team majorly screws up 'Millennial Night' promo


Conversely I find myself perplexed by the whole participation trophy thing. I don’t think I ever received one unless you count the cheap ribbon they dole out at science fairs for all the non-winners. I’ve always kind of doubted we were the first to receive consolation prizes, or that we were incapable of recognizing those as such.


I and my millennial school year never got any participation trophies when I was growing up, just disappointment and broken promises.


Me too, but it depends on what side of GenX and the age of the parents. Being born in 1970 to parents in their 30s, I’m the child of “Silent Generation” (1925-1945) parents,


He was born in 1977, which is late gen X, and about as close as you can get to being millennial without being one.


Ah crap. Total math fail on my part. Mea culpa.

Technically 1981 is as close as you can get to being a Millennial without being one, but yeah, he’s closer to the tail end than I was thinking.

Drats. Now everything I said has been undermined by my dipshittery. Ah well.


Oddly enough 1981 seems to be both the last year of Gen X and the first year of Millenials. God generations are nonsensical at the individual level. I guess that means we can fight over who gets to claim Beyonce.



There isn’t actually an agreed on boundary for Gen-X and Millennials, which is part of the reason Xennials became a thing. 1980 seems to be the middle year of Xennials though.

Agreed. About the only thing they are good for is indicating shared experiences (the main reason why I consider myself Millennial rather than Gen-X).


Same. Growing up Gen X seemed to typify adulthood but was too different for me to relate to directly. I tried, but all the cultural events that shaped their lives were things that I vaguely overheard adults talking about while I was playing on my NES.


You just described my 80-year-old father.


Wait… Which part? The last part?


The first part, though circumstances were different - lunch counter sit-ins, etc. (or so he claims), and now at times defending the racist/misogynist system that has benefited us through the years, though he’s getting shafted by the system himself, now. It’s been kind of like watching the evolution of Atticus Finch, but to a lesser degree.

Side note: He failed to defend his thesis(?) for a PhD, but is proud my younger brother did so, and earned tenure and department chair.


Thank you. People laugh when I ask why but I honestly didnt get it.

Just use butter. Butter is bad when you eat a deep fried stick of it at the Oklahoma state fair (I have, just because it was ridiculous). A little butter doesnt hurt you!


The disdain older generations have for us is sickening. Y’all failed to prevent the horrible situation the planet is in right now (and probably made it worse), so don’t expect us to be thanking you anytime soon.

Yeah, I wouldn’t disagree. I don’t find it that surprising, though. It’s a lot easier to come up with nonsensical gripes about your nephew than it is to face your own complicity in making the Earth a polluted underwater hellscape.


That’s actually not too far off…there are at least 4 levels of the minor leagues.


And I’ll guess that as minor leaguers (millenials, at that) they probably have 2nd jobs.

(Actually I don’t have any idea – I’m seeing anything from $5k/year to $88k/year when I searched “minor league salary”)


Little League or Jr League is kids :slight_smile:


Given the name, when I first heard of “Junior League” I thought they were debutantes and had cotillions.


I practiced karate and in tournaments the Jr divisions were always kids so i’ve always had that association :slight_smile:


Me too. After moving to a city with a major league team, I have yet to go, But I used to go to semi-regularly when I lived in AA or AAA cities. It is simply more interesting and exciting because well the quality of play is still pretty good, but they aren’t quite as routinely perfect. And yes, much cheaper, more in line with what it should be.


Practically riveting next to American football.