Mischievous baby elephant causes havoc inside home

What, you’d want it freaking the hell out whenever it found itself indoors?

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“As the baby elephant has grown, he has become something of a nuisance in
the House. He grabs things off kitchen counters, knocks over plants,
sticks spoons in his mouth, and pees on the floor.”

But enough about Congressional Republicans…



Maybe he should be an outside elephant…


I wonder if he likes silver for the taste or because it’s shiny.

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"Yes, I’d like something like the Grand Pyrenees experience, but perhaps with a bit less hair. "


I don’t know if it’s the same with Asian and African elephants but our young male isn’t much bigger than this guy and he just started puberty. He pretty much humps everything, or tries to, including his mother.

So she might want to consider getting rid of this guy pretty soon.


Nah, my housecat does far worse things on a daily basis.


Yeah, but nobody wants to talk about it, so everyone just pretends it’s not there.


You own an elephant?

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It’s too late now. It’s not like it’ll forget.


Where I work we own a medium sized herd of Asian elephants. I’m not a keeper but the keepers are mostly cool about limited animal encounters like VIPs get. Most of us who have worked there more than a couple of years have gotten to feed, touch, or even hold animals. My favorite was holding a bald eagle They really are large birds like the beak could easily rip out your entire throat but they weigh nothing. Even knowing birds don’t weigh much it was shocking at how little it weighed compared to my expectations.

No interactions with animals that are dangerous, although I think when we had lion cubs and caracal cubs some folks got to hold them but I don’t have first hand information on that.


He’s the elephant in the room.

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the elephant flap is larger than the door frame

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Lets see, a growing wild elephant that is determined to be in the house. He’s not housebroken, but with a little more growth will give a whole new meaning to that term.

Would a wild herd not adopt him if he’s weaned? I thought elephants were good that way.

Needs a Mancini score:

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jealous! That sounds like a very rewarding perk.

Just today i was “lamenting” that my wild Bald Eagle sightings are more of an every few hours thing rather than some big deal like it used to be.

Thanks Rachel Carson!


Remember watching “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” and thinking how silly Hagrid was for thinking that keeping a baby Dragon in his home could possibly end well?

This woman saw that scene differently.


That’s a groovy question. Maybe mouthfeel?

A few years ago I was at the National Zoo in DC where they have added a couple of large enclosures for their elephants. In the morning, they were gathered around the gate between the enclosures waiting for a keeper to let them into the other enclosure. When I passed them again in the after noon they were hanging around the gate on the other side, waiting for a keeper to let them into the first enclosure. I couldn’t help but think “They’re just giant cats. If there’s a door, they want to be on the other side of it.”


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