Misconfigured database exposes sensitive data for 154M US voters

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Other than the ability to spam me, most of that information is nothing I care about or already freely available.

Aw geeze, someone put those cheezy bullet hole stickers all over the map!

Nice to know my names not on any of those lists.

Last time I voted was in 1980 John Anderson and never again.

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I checked, and I’m not in that list.

The real moral of the story is a reminder we’re all just products being bought and sold to political parties.

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Dude… as I get older, I start to see his wisdom.

I had this stand up routine on CD when it came out. At the time, I disagreed…

I guess it’s good i don’t vote?? Is that the takeaway?

Are we able to check if our names are on the list, or do we have to wait for our [X] to be hacked first?

https://pwnedlist.com/ is a good coalmine canary, but that’s after the fact.

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