Mishaps during landing on early aircraft carriers

Definitely! My only complaint was there is a difference in amusement between seeing a biplane bounce around in the wind and go boop, and seeing some of those later ones. Though on second viewing a shockingly high number of those show pilots walking away from accidents that I would have assumed would be deadly. Apologies if I overreacted.

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WWII propeller technicians on carriers had fun too. To set a prop’s balance, merely sit atop a plane’s high-revving engine and hope the bird is strapped down securely. Sometimes it wasn’t, and WOOPS! over the side, kersplash. That was my dad’s job. Three carriers shot out from under him in the Pacific, but he lived, and here I am.

No, watching pilots (or anyone) die is not humorous. Fascists aren’t funny either. Cadet Phony Bone Spurs says there are good fascists. My and my wife’s dads and uncles fought fascists. Were they on the wrong side?


Did you seriously watch the thing all the way through before posting with those comments? Because even without the audio on and hearing the narrator describing the loss of 16 pilots and 33 crew in a single military operation, it was still painfully apparent that many of those crashes were likely fatal.