Incredible video of jet fighter crashing on an aircraft deck deck of an aircraft carrier

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Is there where I point out the typo in the headline (“deck deck”), or is there another avenue of alert? thanks.


Do the hoses just suck up water from the ocean directly?

His spectacular crash only to heroically fly again and live a full life is the perfect metaphor for the failure of my first marriage and lasting success of the subsequent one.


I wonder how fast, after this crash, did the phrase “don’t pull a Duncan” become popular?

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“Oopsie!” probably wasn’t the first thing he said!
Remarkable escape, I’ve seen the footage before, but it never gets old.

For those who want MORE of the same stuff, let me present:

Aircraft Carrier Crash Lowlights, posted by Ward Carroll, author, former naval aviator (backseat)

Needs more @pesco

The new UK carriers have an under-deck set of pipes/sprinklers that - in the event of a crash like this - can cover the deck in foam extremely quickly. Seen from approx 1 minute onwards in this video

During its commissioning and sea trials there was a BBC documentary series about it all, and one segment focused in much more detail on this system, and a US carrier captain in convoy with them came aboard to marvel and wish he had the same sort of thing (but the carrier he was commanding was probably 30 years old). I haven’t been able to find any of that footage.

ETA I found some other clips from that series, for any aircraft carrier enthusiasts.

The programmes themselves are no longer available on iPlayer.


US carriers have foam too.

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Clearly you are unfamiliar with the traditional fighter jet game “Deck Deck Goose.”

It usually doesn’t end well for Goose.


The front fell off


bwahahahahaha! No, it did not end well for goose (despite his ability to windmill-high-five)

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True story, it’s the same ball in that scene that went on to play Wilson in Castaway.


<snort> I THOUGHT he looked familiar! Amazing acting chops.


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Glad I was holding my coffee mug, not sipping


Ooh, Muphry’s law, there it is again :slight_smile:

not applicable. I wasn’t criticizing, I was hoping it would get fixed.

And given that there really aren’t any helpful replies, it doesn’t seem like it’s a “thing” at BB. Which is fine.

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That’s fair :slight_smile: Wasn’t intended in a mean spirit, just enjoying the irony. I know Muphry’s gets me often enough (why I kept my comment short!)

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