Missouri School of Journalism proud of photographer Tim Tai. Melissa Click, not so much

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Is that like a courtesy car? Is she paid?

I think what they’re saying that she’s a de facto journalist and would therefore have the rights of a journalist to go where required to cover a story. Although she wasn’t acting much like a journalist…

I don’t think she’s a journalist, but a media studies prof. Kind of different things, I’d argue.


And so would the journalism faculty. No self-respecting journalism professor would behave this way. The Mizzou J School is one of the top in the country, and faculty members are keenly aware of the news media’s rights. They advocate for strong First Amendment protections, and this is an embarrassment.


I assume they’d review what she did and then make a decision. As is their right.

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I wonder if Professor Click will sign up for Journalism 101 to learn about the First Amendment and the subject on which she is supposedly qualified to be a professor.


Her publication history is interesting. Too bad she acted out like this.

Now we know!

This is the sort of shit you can pull once you have tenure, not as an Assistant Professor. Bye-bye Ms. Click.


The most bizarre aspect of it to me is this Melissa Click quote:

I wonder what happened between the invitation and the reporters actually showing up that led to the confrontation? Was Jim Hoft the first “reporter” on the scene, or what?


I’m just sad “Click” is not the photographer’s name. What a missed opportunity.


I’m confused. Professor Click wanted reporters to show up, but when the reporters showed up, she told them they weren’t allowed to be there. Which is it, Professor Click?

“This story involves the failure of administrators”

Primarily the ones who hired Professor Click.


Right, I’m not sure if I’m going to agree or disagree with that, as I know nothing about her or her career. Certainly I remember some of my instructors in uni, where some of them really showed themselves to have an axe to grind that got in the way of their career, or who just really didn’t give a crap. Sounds like she gives a crap but might have an axe to grind.

And we really don’t know if anything had happened that led her to react like that, but I would think it’d have to be pretty serious to first invite reporters to show up, and then literally assault those same reporters,

I went to J-school and all my professors were first-amendment nuts who would die for press rights.

I seriously cannot comprehend what this lady was trying to do by blocking the media.


It wasn’t just her. The student protesters in that “tent city” didn’t want the media there. I’m guessing they were thinking they could better control the presentation of the story that way rather than letting the media in to present the story in whatever way they saw fit. Of course, that’s bizarre thinking that shows a complete lack of understanding of how the media works, but I’m guessing that was their intent. This professor was trying to be an ally, I suppose, but a good ally would have told them that was a bad idea.


Mr. Tai’s deportment is indeed praiseworthy, but I’m more impressed to learn that Carrot Top’s mom has a PhD (presumably not in Propology from Trump Clown College).


That is one grass coloured scarf she’s got there.

This is what surprises me most about this. Someone who is knowledgable about the media thought that the best way to control the story was to harass a journalist.

It’s something I’d expect from young people who don’t have the experience, but a professor of communications really should know better.

Perhaps “Streisand Effect” should be a topic in Communications 101.


I think she probably got caught up in the moment and let her fascism out just a little bit.


So they wanted to chill out and have a meeting. This is such a two minutes hate turning people concerned with this story against each other.

Try this kind of thing with P. Diddy or Rumsfeld and you’ll get a lot worse.

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