Mitt Romney mocks "RINO" Trump after termination of Constitution remarks (video)

Yeah, I guess it’s true that calling someone a “circus clown” is not inherently a criticism or insult. If anything it suggests that Trump is a trained professional acting like a fool intentionally rather than being truly foolish.


That was just Sasse being sassy.


On a related note, why doesn’t the Oath to the Constitution have an “or else” instead of “So help me God”?

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It’s always seemed wild to me that most Republican voters take Trump seriously when he refers to lifelong Republicans as “RINOs” given that Trump himself is a former Clinton supporter who has only been a registered Republican since 2012.


Someone, I think correctly, made the case that all the Republicans refusing to denounce Trump’s statements aren’t doing so because they’re “cowards.” That’s progressives projecting - wanting to believe the best, in this case, that everyone believes in democracy, even if they’re too afraid to admit it. But the reality is that the Republicans have been adopting anti-democratic policies and positions because they actually are fundamentally against democracy. This is who they are, Trump isn’t an outlier, he’s actually very much a Republican in more than name in this regard.


The truth hurts.

Or they’re just grifters who realize that being a pol in DC can provide excellent leverage toward attaining millionaire status. While the cash is flowing into their pockets, whatever it takes to get into and stay in office is what they’ll say and do, be that expressing love of democracy, or expressing the opposite.


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