Mitt Romney mocks "RINO" Trump after termination of Constitution remarks (video)

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(“Let them fight” memes intensifying…)


Such a bunch of wimpy man babies, including Romney.

As usual, they claim they’re one thing when they’re really another.


Yep. Marshall’s quote at the end had me wishing for the follow-up question of, “okay, name some legislation in the works that will address these issues at home you find more important.”
If that’s what we should be talking about, then talk about it, don’t just say it’s what we should be talking about. Plus, I bet he can’t. They’ve got nothing right now.
Also interesting that none of the quotes have them mentioning that when they took office they swore an oath to protect the constitution. Guess that was all just theater. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Yup. Also, if the face of the GOP (and its only declared presidential candidate) is saying to terminate the Constitution, yeah, you damn well better be talking about that.


I’m constantly surprised at how bad these people are at giving quotes, and how it doesn’t seem to matter because of the R.
Just say, “we took an oath, if there are things we don’t like, there are ways to update the constitution, but to suspend it would be a tragedy for democracy.”
Can’t really argue with any of that.


Romney, Cassidy and Sasse were among the very few Republican Senators that voted to convict Trump at the impeachment trial so in that context it’s not that surprising that they’d be willing to criticize him for this. Obviously it would be more significant if a lot of full-on MAGA folks finally start making more vocal condemnations as well.


“It’s a fantasy,” added Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.). "I consider it kind of a Hail Mary to maintain some hope when everybody knows it’s not the case.

He might easily be saying the same thing regarding his and the others’ delusions over what their party has become over the last seven years. I suppose that helps them pretend that they had no culpability for it.


we’ve wondered for years what the line would be that Trump would cross that would cause some of the GOP to finally stand up against him, and it seems like… maybe?.. this is it. i am heartened that some actually seem to be defending the Constitution, sheesh. i mean, either you’re for the Constitution, or you’re MAGA for an authoritarian regime. it’s a clear line.


Unfortunately, it wouldn’t result in an epic kaiju dustup, it would be more like watching three-year-olds in a slap fight.


If anything, I’d say it’s a combination of things but really heavily a matter of timing. If he’d said the same exact thing at the height of the BLM demonstrations, for example, before he’d lost a bunch of down ballot votes for them, they wouldn’t have cared. In fact, he said and did things pretty close to this, and there was no pushback from his party.
I’ll take it, though. I just don’t think it shows any kind of hard line or moral compass, given the context.



If there’s anything the lot them have shown us about themselves for decades now, it’s that they’ll say anything if they think it’ll help them stay in power.

I don’t think they give a shit about content here (that being an attack on the Constitution and the latest crazy thing Trump said). Things are finally sliding away from Trump, and this is a chance for most of them to back a step away too.


If he were sincere he wouldn’t need to include an unnecessary dig at Democrats, who by implication must be the party that is not pro-Constitution. Which of course is mere projection. His “mocking” is a day late and five dollars short, and he can fuck right off.


“I will save the dissecting and hand-wringing for the next time some Democrat says something I can take out of context for my own political gain.”


Unfortunately, they can afford to take a weak ass stand right now because he’s not president and doesn’t hold an office and is being widely blamed for their losses in 2018, 2020, and 2022. But if he won the nomination in 2024? They’d be lining up to genuflect at his feet once more and touting MAGA as the way forward. Even Mitt “Reek” Romney.


The entire Republican Party does not have an entire vertebra amongst them, let alone an entire collective spine.


Not that he’s an especially principled man or that he needs me to come to his defense, but Romney has repeatedly said that he didn’t vote for Trump in either 2016 or 2020, so I don’t know why he’d change his mind for 2024.


but fortunately, he won’t get the nomination. it’s going to be Desantis for sure. Trump’s a proven loser over 2 election cycles now – only the most MAGA are sticking by him. the rest are looking for reasons to distance themselves from him.


Money mocks money. Maybe terminate Capitalism to rid us of all this?

Were those criticisms? They failed to even do that, frankly. The closest they got was “irresponsible.”

They are oathbreakers. That’s not defending the Constitution.