Mitt Romney's dire warning to Mitch McConnell before Jan. 6: "There are calls to burn down your home, Mitch"

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As I’ve said before Romney was never an ally of the progressives but he was definitely one of the most reasonable members of the opposition. The first Senator in U.S. history to vote in favor of convicting a President from his own party and the only one to do so twice.

Given the unlikelihood of a Democrat winning his seat I don’t look forward to seeing how the Senate changes when he leaves.


This would seem to support the charges against Trump in DC. I’m sure we’ll see a lot more similar evidence during the actual trial. It’s pretty clear that a lot of people knew something was being planned and were concerned. And not just a protest. And that Trump was the instigator.


Why was this not part of the impeachment or Jan 6 hearings?


The only real surprise about Romney’s announcement yesterday is that it didn’t come a lot sooner.

Romney stayed in as long as it was of benefit to him. And despite his lofty stance, he played his own part in normalising the fascist takeover of his party.


This would strongly suggest that McConnell is complicit in what unfolded on Jan6.
Something along the lines of “failure to fulfill” his duties as an elected official by not acting on the information provided to him.

Perhaps I missed the scoop, but is he one of the 30 unindicted co-conspirators?


McConnell had nothing to worry about - he’d just pull his head and limbs in.


Gotta save the best bits for the forthcoming book - why ruin it by testifying to the facts?

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I don’t think they released all the evidence they had, so that they could turn some of it over to the DOJ.

You mean in the GA case? No.

Or, as I said, the committee did not release all of the material they had, so that some could be turned over to strengthen the DOJ’s case.


I found his statements about how dysfunctional the Senate is, not just because of the unreasoned loyalty to MAGA, but about how it’s a club for old, white men to be very interesting. The level of immorality in our institutions is astounding.

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I interpreted the headline to mean Romney was threatening to burn down McConnell’s house. I was disappointed to learn he was merely parroting what he heard on social media.

Many of those threats have turned out to be true, in fact. I’m pretty sure that McConnell probably had to tighten his personal security around this time… So, maybe he’s “parroting” what he’s seen on social media, but this just highlights that these guys were planning this shit in broad day light and continue to be a threat!


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