Mobarazzi: Transforming New Yorkers into instant Oscar-nom celebs with red carpet, adoring fans


Oscar-nom? Yeah, curious.
Yes, I consulted teh Google, to no avail…


It’s when you change your diet to subsist entirely off of green puppets pulled from garbage pails.


Among my many “woundnt it be amusing if this happened on the subway” ideas, I thought it might be funny to find someone who looked just a little like someone famous and approach them as if they were the star (ask to take their picture, get autograph, etc). This also at does that, but in a way that is probably less likely to be rudely interpreted as mocking. It’s amusing, but not as heartwarming as the wooing video, which is actually pretty charming and rmeonds me why I love living in NYC.

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Thank you! Sometimes I just don’t get it.
I like to get it. “Oscar-nom celebs” is a term I hope never applies to me!

Finally I has funny now !

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