Mobster Whitey Bulger tells high schoolers: "My life was wasted and spent foolishly"

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That’s a well-written letter for a 9th grade dropout. Also, a good letter.


I don’t buy it for a second.

There’s no nice way of saying it – Whitey Bulger’s a vicious bastard. He’s also highly intelligent, and tremendously manipulative, and this letter just feels like more of that.

Yeah, it hits all the right notes. But I think that’s just by design. If he really would rather they write to Massachusetts vets at Walter Reed, I’d be utterly shocked.

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It’ll come in handy if he’s ever before a parole board

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Wow. He has amazing handwriting! As for whether it’s genuine, who cares? He’s the only one to whom that really matters at this point.


Yah, you can tell by the pixels - good diction as well!

Too true, the best crimes are the ones you do with the protection and assistance of the state. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, and knowledge is power, sometimes a very dark power.

Considering that law school is a poor investment-- as much of the manpower needs associated with things like discovery have either been outsourced or replaced with computers, I am forced to conclude that “crime doesn’t pay, period.”

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What about politics? That seems to pay. I’d argue that the right kind of crime pays quite nicely.


It is why I dropped out, market saturation and no desire to go Saul Goodman.

I read that as a dig at his brother, and a pretty clear one. Billy Bulger did manage to pull some preeeeettty smooth moves over the years, polishing off as the Pres of my Alma Mater was… well… it’s Massachusetts.

Mr. Bulger might be an old fashioned sort; ‘If you want to make crime pay - Go to Law School."’ was the advice before the financial sector really started to spread its wings.

The fact that blue collar crime is a sucker’s game remains true; but there has been a shift in the skills demanded by today’s competitive global market for white collar criminals.

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