Moby is selling his record collection to benefit an animal rights org


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Incidentally, my last pet dog was named Moby. Except he was named after the whale, not the musician.


I wonder if his tea shop in NYC is still open. A good cookbook came out of it.


He’s a legend. I wish I would have known about this in time to buy those harmonicas he sold. Not to late for the vinyl sale though!


So was the musician.


That’s a fun fact to know about Moby (the musician), but I don’t think namesake-ing is commutative.


What’s purple and swims?


He’s a relative of Melville.


I’m happy that he’s moved on from that.


You left the -y off the end of the headline.


Dammit, I love Moby, but this is a sham charity that’s in a long-running feud with the American Medical Association because of its dishonest behaviour and rickety advice. I want the vinyl - I don’t want the proceeds to go to charlatans - gaaahh!


Poor Greggor. Moby still isn’t going to give him back the records he loaned him 20 years ago.


I hope that anyone who really doesn’t get that animal testing is needed isn’t hypocritical enough to use basically any actual medical treatment. Yes, you can use cell cultures for some things, or computational models for others (I’m a computational biologist myself), but there is no way you can reasonably jump to clinical trials in humans without at least some animal testing.


"So everybody wins. Well, except me, because now I don’t have any records.”

I count that as another win for everyone else.


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