Model rocketry in the 21st century

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Sorry, that Ellon Musk guy has the coolest model rockets on the planet.

Too bad he got caught up in that Millenial “Gotta make my hobby into a side hustle” thing. Man, just let your passion projects be for you.

(And I am straight up sore about the economic imperitive to do this. Everyone should be able to make a good living with one full time job, regardless of what you do. I mean, I know being the CEO of a small car company isn’t much, but every job, from something unimportant like that to essential jobs like working at a grocery store or restaurant should pay a good living wage…)

(OK, there is some sarcasm in there, but there is a lot of truth in there too. Hint: in the last 9 moths we have learned that we can get by without Teslas, but we can’t get by without grocery store workers or restaurant workers.)


Nah, that would be Copenhagen Suborbitals, a completely amateur-run, and 100% crowdfunded attempt to launch a person into space (sub-orbitally).
They’re a few years off the human launches yet, but hopefully next summer we’ll see some more test flights.


Holy shit - that’s awesome!

Some of us are still thrilled to have parachute landings with minimal damage. The hardware/software necessary for this is something I can only admire.

I’ve posted these vids before, but frankly any opportunity will do.


(And while I’m not associated in any way, Public Missiles are a great source of rocket bodies.)


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