Model spaceships inspired by classic science fiction paperback covers


I must have the Revell mass-market version of this, in durable styrene plastic. Also an entire box of Duco cement, and every possible color of Testor’s spray paints for models.

I recognized that right away! I grew up with the Terran Trade Authority books…

Oooooh, that is beautiful. Why can’t I have nice things?
(it’s cos I’m goddamn poor. Bah. I should make my own spaceships)

9etited to add: He’s doing Hagbard Celine’s submarine, too! Oooooh, shiny things I cannot have… )

I know. Mine was my most overdue library book ever, too (well, I inherited one from my dad that was due back in 1966, but '81 was my personal best…)

Ooh, lovely. Great idea, great work! What a tempting project idea.
Weirdly enough, just yesterday I noticed the price of a copy of “Spacewreck” had mysteriously briefly dropped down from the stratosphere, so yesterday I finally ordered myself a copy of my very own! Ahh, soon I shall relive my misspent youth :smile:

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