Every Sci-Fi Spaceship in one mind-blowing size comparison chart


Where ‘Every’ means a very small, selective subset of.


And I guess he refers only to stuff that has been on screen.

Edit: Ah no, he mentions the Honorverse. In that case, it’s quite strange that a German artist wouldn’t include some of the Perry Rhodan behemoths, beginning with Startdust II (800m), SOL (6,500 m), Basis (14,000) or Old Man (200,000 m).

i so wanted to give a semi-snarky reply, but then i looked at it. geez.

here is the list of sources: Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, EVE Online, Warhammer 40.000, Babylon 5, Robotech/Macross, Halo, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly/Serenity, Farscape, Titan A.E., Legend of Galactic Heroes, Starship Troopers (TV and Movie), Aliens vs. Predator universe, Lexx, Red Dwarf, Event Horizon, V, The Irresponsible Captain Tyler, Martial Successor Nadesico, Space Pirate Captain Haarlock, Silent Running, Independence Day.

Also, there was a Starship Troopers TV show?!


Yeah and it was way more awesome then it had any right to be:


Oh you’ve got a big ship? That’s cute.


It includes primarily ships that have existing visualizations – this is a compilation, not a new visualization.
That is not to detract or complain – it’s a great visualization!

My disappointment was that there was nothing from Ian Banks’ Culture in there – but 1) GSV’s would throw the scale off (at 25-200km) and 2) no extant visualizations.

[ Nothing to do with scale, but it’s always fun to read the List of spacecraft names from the Culture series. ]

Now, what about Ringworld:

Yes, it’s a world but it’s a constructed object that is in motion, is it not?
Or maybe it’s not in motion. Can’t remember.

Well, then – what about the Puppeteer’s Fleet-of-Worlds?
Again, yes, worlds – but they were deliberately positioned and put into motion. That’s got to be considered a scale-busting ship of some kind, nu?


this chart was mentioned in the sci-fi segment on the http://www.professionalleft.blogspot.com podcast last week and driftglass mentioned that it doesn’t contain “every” sci-fi spaceship.

A friend pointed out that it would have been even better if it had a handful of real craft: space shuttles, Apollos, etc. Also fun would have been some of the speculative but “possible” craft, like those from Project Orion.

Very very cool.

After a few minutes fruitlessly looking for anything from the Culture, I realized it didn’t include literature-only vessels. That’s probably fortunate - the whole collection could fit inside one of the casual art projects that occupy the unused corners of a bored GSV.


Well, it’s got only a fairly limited subset of the EVE ships. For instance it has the Iteron Mark 1 but not the Iteron Mark 5, and none of the mining barges, and only one of the Gallente cruisers. My Vexor is completely absent (though it’s not terribly impressive, being only a 80 metres or so long).

commenters on dA debating the death stars absence and if they were “ships” or not. i’m too lazy to log-in and comment over there. but the deathstars were manufactured, carried personnel and moved. not sure what else you need to be a “ship”. it’s no moon


Add the TARDIS and Starbug and i’ll be happy.


It’s classified as a SpaceStation by the Galactic Empire.


toeing the company line i see? :wink:

BTW, great post above: “Oh you’ve got a big ship? That’s cute.”

Not really, The Sun engineers calibrated - among others - six blue suns into identical cousins and formed a perfect hexagon with a diamater of roughly 9 light hours, to be used as a stationary transmitter capable to projecting ships from the MIlky Way right to its counterpart in Andromeda.

This is neat-o but the problem that keeps it from “mind-blowing” status in my brain is that it’s got a key describing that 1 pixel is equal to 10 meters. If you’re going to do this, fine, but the artist uses images that have aliasing around them. So in real life these ships would have 10 meters of artifacting all over them. Sloppy.

Yes and it sucked.

Tardis is in, you’ve just got to find it. It’s not labelled - in the bottom left, and about a quarter of a pixel tall.

Also, I really wish they had some Star Control 2 / UQM ships. An Ur-quan dreadnaught would be a beautiful thing.

I feel cheated. The TARDIS is bigger than all of these ships put together. Admittedly that’s only on the inside. And I suspect it’s not the only one that has a swimming pool.

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