Starship size comparison chart

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Not cribbing, just sayin’. I love this chart.


oh, goodie, it’s an updatred version of the chart.

There’s a mention of “Hammerhead Cruisers” from Star Wars, and they hadn’t been invented when the chart was first published.


understand Death Star/s is/are too big for the poster, but in this context how big are they, approximately? - save me reading 167 pages of comments - or googling and doing math, sketching, etc. - thx in advance

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I don’t really get the point of the really enormous ones. So you could fit a billion people inside, but what if you don’t have a billion people who all want to go to the same place? I mean, the Death Star had about 100 crew, right? So what’s the rest of it - styrofoam peanuts?


Still no GSVs.


No Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann?


Where’s Dahak?

If you build it they will go.


I think the Culture’s ships tend to be very weird in design and shape, relying more upon effector fields and able to change the “hull size” depending upon their needs. A relaxed GSV with millions of passengers could slip them all into stasis and condense to a tenth of its size if the ship wanted to.


and this ship can kill e’m all in a couple of minutes

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Well, I know in EVE the ships are stuffed with disposable crew members, but are also partially autonomous extensions of their captain’s body/digital will.

The original version of this chart caused me to re-subscribe for a while, having missed those giant amarrian space penii and their disco beams.

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It looks cool. That’s the point!


I do think a GSV would fit, they’re not that huge, and a ROU would be one of the little ones. An Orbital, on the other hand…

EDIT: I was wrong, a GSV is about Death Star sized, much too big for the poster.


There is an ROU there - maybe even the May Contain Nuts - but you can’t see it. Because ROU.


The death star is included on the chart at (you do need to find the “starship comparison chart” in the archive section)

The first death star had a diameter of 160 km, or 160,000 meters. The second one measured 900km across, or 900,000 meters

The biggest ship on this chart measures under 30km, so yes you could include the first death star in this chart, but about all you could show ould be the disc of its main gun.

And if you tried to include the second one then - actually, I like this idea. The second death star is so big that all the rest of the above chart could be placed in one of the unfinished quadrants.

That would be cool. Could someone suggest the idea to the artist?

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Oh, a GSV would fit, but it would look like a cloud, then like a Mon Calamari cruiser, then like whatever the hell its Mind wants it to look like. Culture ships are kind of eccentric, even those that are avowedly not Eccentric. The superlifters might be more staid in their shape, and of course the orbitals would dwarf even the Earth. Well, most of them. The Culture is just so maddeningly, mid-boggingly big.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

That’s not a spaceship.

THIS is a spaceship.

…also, in b4 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann