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Happy Holidays!

Thanks to some recent additions to the moderation system by the fine Discourse folks, we’re going to make a couple of changes to how moderators are notified of issues.

Currently, any flagged post is elevated into a queue for moderator action. The issue with this approach is that a single user of the community can cause a post to be put up for review, which isn’t very indicative of the opinions of the community as a whole.

However, Discourse also has a great system that allows the community, by itself, to hide posts while waiting for review. This process usually (but not always) requires multiple flags from the community, which tends to give a strong indication that a post has issues, even before a moderator reviews it. The system allows the community to take a more active role in moderation while still allowing moderators to assess their recommendations and unhide posts if necessary.

We have a wonderful, active community here. Going forward, to further the role you all play in moderation, in most cases a single flag on a post will no longer notify the mod team that a post requires review. Instead, multiple members of the community will need to take issue with a post before it is reviewed (or possibly, acted on automatically pending review).

Discourse uses a pretty awesome system for weighing flags, so sometimes a single flag will still affect a post - it depends on both the flagger’s and poster’s Trust Level within Discourse.

That being said, another excellent tool the Discourse folks have given the mod team recently are statistics outlining users who flag often and are also often agreed with by moderators. These tend to be respected members of the community who are invaluable in assisting us with moderation, by frequently flagging posts in violation of our community guidelines.

Because of this, I’ve identified several users who are going to be elevated to “Leader” status. Flags thrown by these users will be given extra weight, and often will allow posts to be acted upon immediately. (Of course, as with all flags, these users are still subject to moderator review - nothing changes there).

The list of users with “Leader” status will change over time as we continue to gather statistics on those users who are most helpful in assisting the moderation team here, and includes removing users from that status if necessary. The first group is: @Brainspore, @GulliverFoyle, @LDoBe, @MalevolentPixy, @Nightflyer, and @the_borderer.

Also: these users do not gain any ”private” discussion areas, or any other privileges of that type. We are not creating a second class of user here - all users flag ”weights” were adjusted by how they participate in the BBS even before this change.

To the rest of the community: As a result of this change, you now have more control over what posts are moderated. If you see a post that, in your opinion, needs moderation, flag it. Thanks!


An excellent first group… I for one welcome our new leader overlords!


And as always, thanks for your hard work and utter transparency. You really are an asset to our community of happy mutants!


I, for one, welcome our new bunting tossers.


Ah, screw it - if I don’t post this I won’t be able to go to sleep:



That was, cleaner ,than I expected…


Although a dirty mind is like a never ending party (as my old friend Stefan B. used to say), I was really just snorkelling the web for a technical term describing persons who are tasked with raising flags.
But I must admit I was quite pleased with what I found.



I know a Stefan B. Did yours like Spider Jerusalem too? :thinking:


Wouldn’t put it past him, but I think by the time Transmetropolitan came out his comic book days were more or less a thing of the past.
Anyway, mine could be described as a (formerly sandy-haired) bald version of Rob Beschizza.

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FYI - as some people have asked about this - if there’s a post with a single flag that doesn’t reach the moderation threshold, then after two months, it will expire. Folks have been receiving notifications on old flags after two months - this is why.