Modern cities drawn in the style of fantasy maps


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Y’know, the locale of Greyhawk and Dyr Nyv are supposed to be maps of the Chicago area and Great Lakes in a fantasy context. There’s supposed to be some similar basis in realspace of Blackmoor, too, others have done fantasy California, etc. Fun inspiration.

And as creepy as Piers Anthony has turned out, I hate to mention it, but his Xanth is fantasy Florida.

Has he? His writing is awful, but I never held it against him personally.

I can see that using reality as a template would lend verisimilitude, but those examples are pretty amazing!

I haven’t read anything of his since I was about ten, so I went to have a google…

…and now I wish I hadn’t.

His writing hasn’t improved. That’s fine, it is what it is. We weren’t ever talking about great literature here. But the themes and the focus as well as his predilection for younger characters… Ick. Pass the mind bleach.

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Ah. I saw the bit in an interview where he explained how perfectly normal that is.

That’s preposterous! What possible real-world connecting could Lake Ogre-chobee have to Florida?!?!!!

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