Every fantasy map


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tRumpastan is missing…


I forget the source, but years ago I saw a similar parody where the villain’s lair was called “The Hall of Howling Skulls.”


Derivative can be fine as long as you’re not taking it too serious, but i presume a fair bit of people probably have no sense of humor.

I’m currently in a break campaign, the DM needed a change of setting from our main campaign because he was getting bored of it after running it for several years. The break campaign was collaborative and every player had shared input on what they wanted to see, granted that everyone agree. The map is pretty whatever, but we’re all super excited over the silly stuff that’s in store for the group. Stuff like crocodile surfing lizardfolk pirates, alien snakes on the moon, lovecraftian evil cultist mermen, and war loving goblins with a napoleonic grudge against a neighboring nation, etc.


@beschizza, if you ever come across The 13​1⁄2 Lives of Captain Bluebear, I suggest having a bottle of wine and a chair in front on a billowing open fireplace.

Zamonia has it all.


“It’s a real place to me, dammit!”




Also, Diana Wynne Jones’ magnificent “The Tough Guide to Fantasyland”.


Where is the Death by Snu Snu zone?


That sounds far more fun than the traditional monster-slaying treasure hunt.

If you want that traditional vibe, Munchkin (mostly a card game IIRC) is kind of fun, where “Kick in the door, loot the room!” is pretty much all you need to do :grin:


Sadly lacks the “Ridiculous Small Continent to Justify this Black Character in a 99% White World” and “Totally Not Precolumbian America”


It’s kind of a goofy setting but we’re also trying to put thought into the world we came up with as a group, and we’re all legitimately excited to play we’re only 2 sessions in and we’re loving it. My character is basically an Warlock elf goth, yes i made that character for lulz, he’s more of a bookworm weird type than anything. My original intention was to roleplay a skeleton but the DM vetoed it so i had to be creative (my particular flavor of warlock will allow me to essentially become undead at later levels)

Currently we’re all waiting for the moment we can get abducted by space snakes. We’ve already encountered one crazy old man babbling about aliens.




Excellent. It’s not real role-playing if you just follow the rulebook!
There is fun to had playing the generic characters /settings but I always think there is more scope in reading the rules then putting the book down and ignoring it as much as possible.

Aside: I once played in a GW Mordheim tournament with a gang made of random models from our office cabinet, generic as it comes. I was only there to make the numbers up.
But, that gang made it through to the semi final… :grimacing:


Years ago when I had to read slush, I collected the fantasy maps in a binder. They varied in execution, but the Land of Pointy Mountains and Forest of Arrow Trees were pretty universal. But then, I’d guess a lot of them were drawn by people who hadn’t spent a lot of time around actual mountains or forests.


Wait… random models from the office cabinet? Where do you work? And are they hiring?


Nice! Sounds like fun :slight_smile:

And i totally hear you on this, i’m usually cooking up weird character concepts. One i’m toying with is having the soul of an accountant transported into the fantasy realm and bound to someone (preferably a warforged or another type of construct, but a person will do too). I mainly want the hilarity of a delusional office worker running around in plate mail and sword in hand demanding TPS report cover sheets and busting people’s asses over missed deadlines.

There’s a couple of other weird characters i’m percolating. I’m also trying to homebrew up a feat similar to “Lucky” but that tries to even out good rolls vs bad rolls. Like if you crit fail 3 times you get a randomized roll that helps you in some way, and if you get a nat 20 3 times you get an amusingly bad effect. I haven’t worked out the details yet to make sure its not annoying to deal with,


I’m running a campaign right now where I give the players the option to substitute 2d10 for any d20 roll.


I liked the less-than-serious maps in Samurai Cat.


That is almost exactly the map from the Palladium Fantasy RPG. Like, freakily close.