This Dungeons and Dragons campaign has been running for 35 years


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I bought the original, boxed, three-book set, along with the first supplement (Greyhawk) in 1975.

I envy this fellow the continuity to keep a single campaign going for 35 years, but I completely understand remaining enthused about the game as a whole for so long.


I want to play!


I have a Traveler campaign that has been running for 10 years.


Impressive! Though I do find minis and all the terrain, as cool as it is, distracting from the “Theater of the mind” aspect of the game. To each their own.

Just wrapped up an 8 year sandbox campaign with a full table of regular players, which is a feat considering life, families, kids, jobs and all. Session reports for those interested.


His sets and props are beautiful!! What a collection.

My current campaign (that I’m playing in) has been running for eight years – a home-brew D&D campaign. It’s extremely RP-heavy so uses very few sets or terrain pieces, but we do pull out the Dwarvenforge stuff now and then.


That is an insanely long campaign. Good for him and his players!

Of course everyone knows OG DM’s still use Chainmail rules. Kidding. I’m sure the funky spiral binding on mine is cracked to bits by now, in storage somewhere.


I wonder if the same characters are still alive after 35 years? Wouldn’t that be like 350 years, game time? Maybe they’re all liches by now, just lurking in their horcruxes and plotting.


I wondered that, too. How many of the original players are still there? Have they switched rule sets, and if so, how did that work? The video shows a AD&D Second Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide, which came out in 1989, and that’s less than 35 years ago.


I’m somewhat more impressed that you started a campaign 20 years after I last played. That’s a great gaming system.


I’m truly in awe.


In looking at his social media posts, he takes the time to tag everything #adnd or #advancedDND; I suspect that he’s still using old AD&D rules, which is kind of amazing and cool.


They’re not playing in an online discussion forum :wink:


I joined a friend’s Metamorphosis Alpha campaign that has been running since the late 70’s, although only a couple times per year now. He has pages and pages of items and has constructed a land train with 30+ cars that he swaps in and out as needed (multiple medical cars, garages, heliport, bazaar car, stuff like that). He’s so powerful that he basically just lets the other players run wild until we need his help, at which point he pushes the button to launch the big missiles. It’s… unusual.


Come on, Todd, and roll already! Geez!


And Mike Wheeler’s mom thought he and his friends were playing for such a long time…


My mom used to think it was a blessing…until the fighting started.


I was gonna say…Stranger Things, Where Are They Now

Proof that odd minds think alike. :wink:


My entire 80’s experience with D&D was limited to the animated series.



I’ve always been fascinated by the style of gameplay, but the fantasy setting never did it for me. Even Warhammer 40K is basically fantasy. I’d love to play a hard SF tabletop game. Orion’s Arm has been promising an RPG of some sort or another for over a decade now, but being collaborative volunteer-driven fiction, ambitions have always exceeded realization.