Moderna coronavirus vaccine gets FDA emergency use authorization to

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“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”.

Suddenly rooftops will sprout “vaccine stop here” signs, like there used to be “Santa stop here” signs to put on roofs.


I’m just frustrated that many people will avoid the vaccine - a friend of mine works at a hospital (in a lab) and one of the other staff was like ‘ugh do I have to get it I hear it makes you infertile’.

At some point, proof of vaccination is likely to be a prerequisite for doing many of the kind of public activities (school attendance, airplane travel, etc.) that all of us are so desperate to resume.


“Moderna coronavirus vaccine gets FDA emergency use authorization to”



This is great news. I’m also hoping to go three for three and get the Oxford vaccine approved here. That’s the one I want.

Why? All the evidence suggests it’s less effective than the Pfizer and Moderna ones. Sure, I’m not going to turn it down, and it’s better than both the normal 'flu vaccine and not getting anything, but given a choice, why would you prefer it?

I want em all
And I want em now

Very simple: it’s a completely conventional vaccine. That’s it. I would prefer one that’s based on the same methods which have been used for decades, rather than something totally new. I hope it becomes available here and I’ll get it ASAP. If it’s never going to be available here I’ll get one of the others probably.

The slightly lower effectiveness is ok because a) the chance of getting COVID isn’t very high b) the chance of getting serious harm from it isn’t high (for me with my health factors) and c) even if these vaccines aren’t totally effective, they do greatly reduce the severity of it in people who get it. All those factors make me not care that much about the slightly lower effectiveness, and I prefer to get something with fewer long-term unknowns.

It’s just risk calculations.

If I were in a higher risk group I would just get the most effective vaccine as fast as possible.

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