Mojo Nixon had "maybe the best tour rider" ever

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When Al Jarreau came to play at my college, we found that he required a macrobiotic diet. In 1986 we had never even heard of a macrobiotic diet, but we found a caterer who knew what to make. Mojo’s rider seems infinitely easier.

When I worked putting on a concert at another university a few years later, the dean objected to the amount of booze required and added a line to the contract saying that the performers couldn’t go on stage drunk. I tried to explain to her that a lot of the beverages went to the road crew and some of it was destined to go on the bus. She objected to that, too. She really had no idea what was usual for a touring band. I can’t recall which band it was-- probably Blues Traveller.


THREE piss jars? well, look who went all Hollywood!


I remember an interview with Mojo, where he said fans were complaining that he sold out because he was on MTV. He replied that, “how do you know I’m on MTV. You weren’t watching MTV were you? How do you know?”


Jello’s last name is Biafra, as in the African state that attempted to break away from Nigeria in the 1970’s.


That mistake is in the Consequence article, so maybe let them know there? I’m pretty sure that the authors here can’t change mistakes on other websites…


I remember when they played Tucson in 1987. I was doing sound for small shows with my super cheesy Peavey 4 channel vocal system then - this was an easy gig with 4 mics. I did sound for Jonathan Richman around the same time. His contract rider demanded the cheesy vocal PA system! I now have a better sound system on my bike.


The merchandise one is weird, though. They basically want someone to work in exchange for a t-shirt, and then include a weird statement: “If you can’t help us sell, then please don’t ask for a percentage.” I mean…you want the venue to supply free labor if they want a percentage of the sales? The rest of the rider is great. That item, not so much.


I admit it’s a little suspect but it was not unknown for interns to get paid in merch. Probably they got more than just a shirt (record, autographs, hanging with the band before show.)

Although it does clash with #2 on the rider, “pay in CASH” after the show.

The measly $10 buyout for restaurant meals evokes Taco Bell commercials.

NO fucking flute players

Guess that someone doesn’t like Jethro Tull? :laughing:


And he’s still kicking around. I saw him preform with Ministry exactly one week ago!


I like the audience-friendly things like wanting to keep the house lights on, and not hassling fans who bring cameras.

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I took it to mean that they wouldn’t want the venue taking a percentage of the band’s merch sales while providing no assistance. If the venue provided a helper (presumably paid via the percentage) then the band would throw in some beer and/or shirt. People should be paid.


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