The brilliant idea behind these anti-Elvis buttons


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joik = jerk or joke depending on the accent


So let me understand - you are advising us to sell “Trump the Joik” buttons on the internets?

Or “Trump is Great” - I’m confused?


In the current mode of relating EVERYTHING to Trump, should we then blame Elvis on lax immigration policies since Tom Parker was an illegal immigrant?


Or possibly seeing into the future:


Basically the idea is the same as Twitter, but more profitable and with one subject only.


“We’re Primus, and we suck”


“Joik” is “jerk” in the Brooklyn/Bronx accent of the day. Imagine Bugs Bunny saying it.


Brian Bosworth did something similar:

Before the first game of the season, versus the Denver Broncos, Bosworth trash talked Denver quarterback John Elway. 10,000 Denver fans wore $15 T-shirts reading “BAN THE BOZ”, but did not know that Bosworth’s company manufactured the shirts.[6]




So that’s where Kimmy Schmidt got the idea.


JOIK: Jyrating, Obseen, Indoctrunating Kommunist.


Are you sure these didn’t come about as a backlash to Elvis being a Nixon supporter and being appointed an honorary narcotics officer by Nixon. Things most hated by youth culture in the late 60’s and early 70’s…a Narc and a Nixon supporter.

Elvis was ironically very anti-drug, well pot, not prescription.


Or Curly.


While I despise Elvis, overall, I dislike the Colonel even more; he was largely the reason Elvis went full-on racist, for one thing.


A joik is a traditional Sami folk song.


I made this thing, its 1000 times the size of an actual badge. a-21_670



It’s either a form of Norwegian folk singing or a jerk in Noo Yawk, isn’t it?