Molasses spill in Hawaii destroys ocean habitats, draws sharks to area where humans surf and swim


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We were snorkeling in Hawaii a couple years ago, and those reefs are lava and basalt with a little layer of coral. The water is clear because there isn’t many nutrients in the mid ocean.

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Just because someone has to cite it:

Don’t get misled by the fact that it’s "only " molasses. It’s still a large industrial spill.


Beat me to it…

I want a better word than “leak” or “spill” how about flood? Broken pipeline?
So who wants to bet this pipeline hasn’t been inspected in years, that it was grandfathered in? That what looks like a accident is actually the lastest example of deferred maintaince, regulatory capture or out and out graft?

Why choose just one? :slight_smile:

“So many fish have died that the Hawaii Department of Health has tripled cleanup crews to three boats.”


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I live just outside where this spill occurred. The shipping company Matson is basically the “Monsanto of the sea”. It is sad they own all shipping into/out of Hawaii. Now we get to thank them for killing fish.


I’ve had a fear for a long while that if I don’t get back to Hawaii to surf there again soon, industry may manage to destroy everything in the meantime to make it virtually impossible to surf or at least make it extremely unpleasant to try it. News like this only confirms those fears. Fuck it, I need to get in more money and GTFO there and experience it again before they ruin it once and for all. Maybe also stick my nose in the local politics as well and see what can be done. Fuck this.

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mmm…molasses brined mahi mahi, delicious.

You can spend your whole life working to protect something like this only to see it all undone in one dumb accident.

Rotting mahi mahi

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Deluge would be my choice

Molasses ain’t nuthing to fuck with.

Yeah, I was going to mention that, being a local. Boston Sticky! F&^% Yeah! … or something like that.

Unrelated, did the Hawaiian politicos really, really have to pull out the OMG SHARKS RUN ONEONEONE meme? I mean, really?


Ahh, the cleanup crew was specifically for the dead fish. I was totally confused, and presumed that it was 3 whole boats trying to clean up the molasses.

I still don’t get the shark fears though. Is it just because there are so many dead animals floating around, it’ll bring in more predators? I would have thought that all that rotting meat wouldn’t be particularly attractive to predators, but I don’t know how picky sharks are.

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