More than 20,000 dead fish mysteriously washed up in Nova Scotia


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People gonna go cray-zee! when all those shoes wash up, too.


So a big methane bubble suffocated the fish and then the birds in NJ.


Massive fish die offs are fairly common and usually have natural causes.


This is why we have to kill nature before it does the same to us!


Did someone say BOUILLABAISSE?


The biggest threat to human lives are other humans.

Therefore the answer is to kill all humans. Hurry up and do it before they kill us first.


That isn’t true. It is micro organisms like bacteria. Also viruses.

Though if you consider cancer humans destroying themselves then your human threat numbers are bolstered.


Start with the one ahead of me in line who is paying by check.


You’re no fun.:disappointed:


Don’t they say “nature, red in tooth and claw”?


Were there any Japanese skating rinks nearby at the time?


It all started right after the election. Twenty thousand fish said, “That’s it, I’m moving to Canada…”


Flocks of blackbirds dropping from the sky! [1]
Masses of sea life washing up on the shore dead!

I guess the conservative Christians really were right about Trump ushering in the end times.


Scandinavia is missing a lutefisk harvest.


There’s no rush.


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