Molly Lewis's wonderful song about Hillary Clinton: "Pantsuit Sasquatch"

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I know it’s popular to hate Hills, but this should be kept in mind…


Well executed, decent tune but isn’t it just a bit too soon for hagiography? I guess it’s fun to pretend your monster is better than their monster even if your monster helped create their monster…


Hate is a strong word.

It does trouble me that having not been indicted is now a virtue, along with things like speaks in complete sentences, stays off twitter, has object permanence, etc…


False equivalency has ever been false; she was clearly “the lesser evil.”


Yes, hate is a strong word.


(Video not available in Wisconsin.)


Eh. I didn’t hate her personally, but I was utterly disgusted by how little political price she’s actually had to pay (not counting losing her campaign, obviously) as all the information gradually trickled out about how she captured the DNC (she helped bail them out financially in exchange for veto power over all hires there from late 2015, which meant that she put her own people in there, many of whom are still present today) and abused that power to squeeze Sanders out in every way she could get away with.

Also, really disliked that everyone ran around shouting MOST QUALIFIED WOMAN EVAR OMGWTFBBQ LOL, when that demonstrably wasn’t the case. She had a failed political career (she quit even trying after failing the DC Bar once) and traded on her husband’s name and political connections to pull off a Senate seat, which she used to do fuck-all other than groom her voting record and try to kiss up to the military/industrial folks (she even brags about that part in interviews), and then threatened to split the election for Obama unless she got the SecState job. She never “earned” a single damn position she had! She backdoored her way into every. Single. One. And then she faceplanted twice when she asked voters to hand the keys to the country over to an entitled narcissist that, at best, could have been a mid-level staffer on her own merits.

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She was smart, eminently qualified person who the majority of Americans voted for for President. And as the song asks: “Wasn’t I right?” About many things, yes. Not everything. But more than people wanted to believe.


Which voters preferred to give her, based on the numbers. But you don’t say that. You can’t. It nullifies your position, and makes your words impotent.

It’s easy to dismiss her accomplishments, since she’s HRC. I see the same hate directed at her whole family. Even if she’s not in the news, all you have to do is drop the name and the misogyny flows like pancake batter. While I actively disliked Bill Clinton, that misdirected hate never made any sense to me, so I outgrew it, conceded I was wrong (even voted for her), and moved on.

But some people never will.

I can shake my tiny fist and swear I wasn’t wrong, but what’s the sense in arguing, when you’re all alone?


The power of the song comes from eliminating the tremendous swath of shades of grey that permeated the 2016 elections. Its narrative would be equally justified in blaming the outcome on the Russians, or the cack-handed way Bernie Sanders got thrown over the side.

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You can’t say that voters “preferred to give her”, meaning her personally, the Presidency. You don’t know why everyone voted HRC, but a hell of a lot of them say it was because “I didn’t like her, but I really really didn’t want Trump”.

But she still lost, by the rules of the game, because she didn’t do well enough in the swing states. I don’t like the FPTP voting system, and I don’t like how America’s electoral system functionally disenfranchises people that live in more populous states and gives disproportionate voting power to those in empty-ass states. It’s ridiculous, but it’s currently the game board our politicians have to play on.

And, to be perfectly frank, Hillary was a bad candidate, by the definition of “someone that can win elections”. She’s not charismatic, she didn’t have a strong message, and she basically embodied “The Establishment” in an incredibly bad year to run as someone with the stink of establishment politics on you.

She only won the popular vote because Trump scared a damn good number of Dems to the polls, but she didn’t get the anti-Trump landslide almost any other Democratic politician would have gotten. (And you can’t blame “TeH BeRnIeBrOs”, because a lot more Sanders voters went for her than Hillary voters went for Obama, and besides, more women than men were pro-Sanders, anyway. And because it was a made-up P.R. term from Team Hillary.)


I’m afraid that the point of the song will inevitably be drowned out by people proving the point of the song.

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Sort of presupposing that the song’s point (That Hillary was actually super duper great and aren’t you all just so sad now that you were sooooooo mean to her and you should just crawl on your belly to apologize) is valid, aren’t you?

But I guess “She was a bad candidate, and lost”, is less melancholy and song-friendly.

Sort of pressuposing that that is my interpretation of the song aren’t you?

But I guess beating dead horses and making assumptions is more gratifying than finding out what people actually think.


Please, enlighten me as to what you meant.

No thanks. I got my fill of pleasant discourse in your earlier reply.

Take care.

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Here’s what you’ve overlooked: voting for or against someone has nothing to do with how likeable someone is, even if you know them personally (which you do not).

What matters is policy, and on that point, HRC was the most solid, best candidate. You regard her accomplishments as mediocre? Who cares, so long as the policy is good? And it must have been, otherwise your criticisms would have focused on that instead of strategery, “swing states”, who you think is laying blame, “The Establishment,” or “narcissism.”

There’s no signal in any of that noise.


I’m saying that nobody even knows what her policy would actually be like. When she was in the Senate, which is usually the place where the American people find out about what someone really cares about, she didn’t give a hint. She sponsored zero bills, co-sponsored only a tiny number of absolutely pointless bills (super bland things like recognizing a veteran for service, IIRC), and just whiled her time away curating her voting record.

She spent all her time doing nothing and trying to be “center” enough to be palatable to everyone, which is another word for “incredibly boring”. But please, educate me on what her policy background is that I’m missing out on, because the only thing people ever point to is her platform as a candidate, which is so broad as to be meaningless.

It’s funny, since the 2008 primary I have not been a fan Hillary, and just want her to go away every time she loses (mainly because her fans are such bad losers). But this song… The honest humility and downright humanity of it made me forget all the petty infighting that’s been going on as we’ve collectively rehashed the 2016 election.

So no, the point is not missed on some. I also think there are some lessons to be learned here.

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