Mom wanted Red Hot Chili Peppers tickets for her daughter — they ended up watching bagpipes

Yeah, they performed in those, um… costumes quite often. I had actually forgotten about it until now, but I remember it seeming like every time I saw them on MTV it was besocked.


Nick Cave — ‘I’m forever near a stereo saying, ‘What the fuck is this garbage?’ And the answer is always the Red Hot Chili Peppers .’


“You told our agent this place holds 30,000 people!”


Someone gave me “Bagrock to the Masses” as a gag gift, but I love it. It comes up on my drive music every so often. Always a delight.

Thanks for the Tartanic link. I’m going to give them a listen.


I showed up to work one Sunday night for graveyard shift and was greeted by a wall of piping. It was a lone piper standing at the warehouse door using what was behind him as a giant soundbox echo chamber. Frickin amazing! Still gives me the chills.

OTOH, my buddy excitedly convinced me to go to a UB40 show at a small venue. Turns out it was a 54-40 show and we bailed. Regret, as 54-40 rock!


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The same thing actually happened to a friend of mine. He texted me all excited that he and his wife scored tickets. He texted me a copy of his ticket. I said, “Umm…you might want to look at that ticket a little closer.” They went anyway, and they loved it, so…yeah it’s probably a good marketing gimmick.

The Pipers have been around since 2002. They also spell Chilli with two l’s instead of one. I would say it’s pretty obvious that their name is intentionally derivative of the Chili Peppers, and obviously people have gotten confused. At this point, since the rock band hasn’t complained for 20 years, I think they’d have a little trouble complaining now. If they had complained earlier, they might have had a case, although the Pipers could argue that they haven’t actually affected the Peppers revenue at a level anyone would even notice. A C&D letter back in the day probably could have forced them to change their name, though, because I suspect they wouldn’t have been able to afford the legal costs of fighting it. But it sounds like the Peppers just don’t really care, which is exactly what should happen.


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This has me wondering about tribute bands, though. They often have names that are derivative of the bands they’re honoring. I’m not aware of any band complaining about those. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I guess? There was a Texas blues rock band in my home town that called themselves AA Bottom. I don’t know if they started life as a ZZ Top tribute band or not, but I always thought the name was clever.


I hope they did start as ZZ Top cover band, because otherwise that is a waste of a genius name

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Looks like they’re still around, too.

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Yeah, my response to that headline was “the Chili Pipers are on tour?!”
And also a fan of Tartanic!


My bother and his wife were really excited that they’d got cheap Fleetwood Mac tickets, until they realised it was a tribute act, not the real thing.
They still had a good time though.

Chili Peepers? (You know, the Chili Pipers’ groupies)

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One might almost say it sounds harmoniumous

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Bagpipes are pretty intense, but that strength is also the problem-- it’s not like they are ever subtle.

A small tartan pouch worn beneath the kilt during the thistle-harvest.

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It’s just like that episode of Full House where they think they’re going to see R.E.M.

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I see we have some ways to go on creating a literate adult population.

Other than virtual instruments, I don’t have a harmonium, but I did modify my Suzuki melodica following the instructions in this video and some ideas from friends…

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