Monday Music: Warren Zevon — Play it All Night Long

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It’s amazing how well he carries it with only his voice and piano.
The studio version from Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School was a darker production with Waddy Wachtel on arpeggiated rhythm guitar, David Lindley playing an achingly mournful slide, and Jackson Brown backing up vocals. Drums were a Scottish military snare figure, a forewarning of Brother Billy with both guns drawn. Zevon’s Turkey In The Straw riff, so prominent in the clip above, was only background fill in studio version.


That right there is what makes music, music. Into the ears and straight to the soul and bones.


Love this.

She was wide eyed
Now she’s street wise
To the lies
And the jive talk
But she’ll find true love
And tenderness
On the block


one of my favorites, along with “accidentally like a martyr,” and this one, with jeff porcaro of toto fame on drums:

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my fav

I literally played an LP of Excitable Boy until it died.

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