Warren Zevon certainly understood how to rock

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He was gone too soon:


And his hair was perfect.


I’m actually a bigger fan of his later, sadder music.


I saw him once in a medium venue, solo.
He didn’t carry it really.
His recorded work is great though,
I love his lyrics.

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Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Aaaahh who?
Werewolves of London!


This is my new favorite joke.


Whenever i hear him on the radio I think of this interview.


I was OK with the Die Antwoord music posts a while back, but I am LOVING the Zevon posts now.

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A true genius. It’s nuts how talented he was.


I think Zevon is great. If you feel like having a little laugh (or cringe), though, watch Zevon allow Gov. Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura to sing a duet of “Werewolves of London Minneapolis” with him at Ventura’s inaugural ball.

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Well, this certainly was the No Shit post of the day (thanks for reminder anyway, Jason!) Zevon was a man in full—in every sense of the term.

I read I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (his biography-of-sorts) a while back. I love his music but he sounded like a real piece of work to have to deal with in person. I followed that up by reading a Kurt Vonnegut biography.

Never meet your heroes, I guess.

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In case you ever wondered what R.E.M. would sound like if Warren Zevon was their singer…


He was the undisputed King of weird White boy rock and roll

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They should build a cage with his bones.


Is this title intentionally funny? It’s kind of like, ‘the Grateful Dead certainly understood how to jam,’ or ‘Steely Dan certainly understood how to record a studio album.’

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One of my life’s goals is learning to play the piano well enough to credibly perform Piano Fighter.

Yeah, it’s a lofty goal.

Once again boing boing you nailed it.
I’m an old 60s, 70s rocker and like the tee shirt says I saw them live. I was never into pop music and I feel really sorry for the music kids are stuck with, today, overproduced pop drivel, their music sucks.
The performers and bands I liked the best were the ones who rocked hard like The Who and Stones, Bruce, Clapton, Prince, (look up Princes my guitar gently weeps Rock hall of fame gig with Tom Petty and tell me he doesn’t Kill) Neil Young, who is still kicking ass. I also appreciated more obscure performers like Warren, Tom Waits, Little Feat, Lowel George was another amazing talent in this vein that was gone too early. Walter Becker and Stelly Dan.
Thanks boing boing for fueling this rant. Keep Rockin.

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I can’t believe he ripped off that Kid Rock song!