Weekend Tunes: Dread Zeppelin


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My friends and I paid $5 each to see them once; I was ready for the crappiest joke performance of Led Zep ever, and was shocked at how good they were. By far the world’s best Elvis-impersonator-reggae-Led Zeppelin cover band.


Not sure why, but Dread Zepplin always reminds me of these guys:

I saw them in 97 and they were both ridiculous and awesome.


Raggae? RAGGAE?


I may have written up the album in my high school newspaper.


These guys were the musical snow leopard of my early teenage years: on rare occasions, I’d catch the tail end of one of their videos on Much Music or a piece of a song on college radio.

Bad luck! I must have seen them several times at various tiny dives in my little college town.


I think it’s Gaelic.


I have a whole crate of CDs I want my kid to digitize for me. Guess which ‘jewel’ case is right at the top? mocking me, leering at passers by with a pompadour and sneering lip… Un-led-ed.


it’s 4/20, mistakes can happen.


Dude, Tortelvis is the best! Dread Zeppelin is in my Spotify list.


I’ve known about these guys forever. But the first time I played them for friends…well, let’s just say it was when they were in a head space where they could be both surprised and blown away.

There may have been fungi involved.


I’ve read this damn book twenty-two times, Charlie, and I still don’t understand a thing…


Yeah, I’ve seen 'em back in the day. Great live band.


A friend once gave me a CD which was all covers to Stairway to heaven. The one by the Australian Doors Show was very good IMHO. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHCKtPafA0A


Dammit, I knew there was a reason to have kids after all!


When I was part of the college radio station freshman year, we booked these guys to come and play, and they were totally friendly and nice (and giggly because they thought it was hilarious that they had been on Good Morning America the day before). I still have a postcard of Elvis signed by Tortelvis, and inscribed “King’s Alive!”


Now there is something that needs to be legalized.

(Monsieur Reffer sighs and thinks about his misspent youth)


I prefer my Led Zeppelin with Viking Kittens!!


Excellent choice for today.
I saw them at a small club/bar on Lincoln in Chicago ages ago.
I was most impressed they had a guy whose sole job appeared to be place Hawaiian Leis around TortElvis’s neck until they went up to his eyebrows.


I had their trading card back in the day. Apparently you can still buy one on Amazon but hurry there’s “only 7 left in stock - order soon”