Badass schoolchildren perform "Kashmir" and "The Immigrant Song" on Xylophone

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Oooh these are the same kids that did what is now my favorite version of “Crazy Train”!

All I ever got to learn on the xylophone was “Hot Cross Buns”. So jealous.

4 Likes I thought I had seen this before somewhere…

The drummer on Prince’s newest album is a former Louisville Leopard


I have watched this video numerous times and , as I’m a life- long zeppelin fan, I noticed and an in congruence.

Though the children emulate the subtle ebbs and flows of the piece almost to a “T” , they don’t seem at all moved by what they are doing. It’s almost as if they are drugged. Quite odd.


They also played “The Ocean” in the middle, another great Zeppelin song. These are some seriously talented and devoted kids.


speaking as a life-long zeppelin fan, i have to admit they were more into playing ozzy. but i love that they play any of this stuff at all. MORE PLEASE

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Blue Men in training

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Who would make children play 70s hair-metal? That’s just sick!


Would you rather they found out from their friends?


Sick in a good way?

Both my kids were raised on '70s music which, isn’t technically “hair” music per se , that only really emerged a decade later with firstly with art school music (new wave) then with poison, ratt, quiet riot, et al. Once ozzy discovered hair products and make-up all bets were off and every one was " hair".

Maybe that’s the real reason why Zeppelin stopped touring.

This is all pretty awesome, but I guess someone has to be the pedantic one and point out they’re not all playing on Xylophones. The kids in the middle row are, but the kids in the back row are playing Marimbas (they’re like Xylophones, but with big resonators underneath them) and the kids in the front are playing Vibraphones (and for good measure the kids way in the back are playing keyboards, drums and I guess “other”).

Or, ya know, they’re just fucking concentrating on what they’re doing.

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You dont have to get upset.

I have taught music before and know that people learning have to really concentrate and so they can be flat affect.

It’s just that they were so good that it seemed in congruent.

It’s so sick, it’s ill.

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