Monkey flips out after being flipped off


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Humans aren’t domesticated


A moral to this story can be found, but not by me.


Monkey saw what that man did to the poor sloth he selfied with on Instagram. Monkey was not amused.


Simian aggression is going to be recognized by other simians


Eh. Their reproduction is controlled by human beings. Sounds like domestication to me.




That’s all the Planet of the Apes movies, old and new, in 3 seconds.


This post needs an “Instant Karma” tag.


I’m assuming it was the menacing eye contact that did it rather than flipping the bird, but… either way, I hope he’s learned to be more polite.



Looks like the monkey was pretty mad and the flip just sent him over the edge.


Looks like the more advanced primate took that round


Ya’ll ran this one 18 months ago:


And 33 months ago:


dang you beat me to it.


Monkey see; monkey do.


Where is this store where untamed monkeys run rampant?


Every time the monkey comes up for probation, BB tries to influence the probation board by re-releasing this video. WTH?!


Do not fuck with ninja monkey.