Monorail socks


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What about when the monorail drives right through the middle of the Contemporary Resort? Did they have some kind of cos to play that? An inflatable?


Dang. I wanted socks that allowed me to practically ride a monorail track.


That’s an interesting idea; what about some sort of carbon weave, non-newtonian gel pack sock that feels comfy in a shoe, but once on a steel rail becomes a kind of curved skate?


BONUS: After wearing the socks continuously for about ten days they will even smell like the monorails at WDW!


What about us brain-dead slobs?


Monorails? Too mainstream…


You hit the toenail on the head with that one.


You’ll be given cushy jobs


Grindboots? Like in the Ratchet and Clank games?


More a “grind sock” that you can put shoes on.


I find myself wondering about what looks like a row of severed fingers in the lower left of the photo…


Those are indeed cool, but I prefer Unicorn vs Narwhal socks myself.


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