Mont Saint Michel and St. Michael's Mount: drone footage of two tidal islands

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I’ve seen Mont Saint Michel many times, and even its smaller counterpart in Cornwal, Mount Saint Michael’s. But upon seeing this drone footage, for the first time, one name came to mind: Minas Tirith.


Lovely. The place has fascinated me since childhood. Thanks for posting this. Unfortunately, it also raised a question to which I Googled up an answer, and sure enough…


Can you imagine construction of the bottom of this? Do you lay stone while the tide is down and hope the water is calm when it comes up and doesn’t mess up your mortar? I know nothing about stone masonry so maybe I’m wrong but this just seems like the construction schedule would look a little comical.


Ahhh, beat me to it.

Per the Wikipedia article on Minas Tirith:

According to the “Making Of” featurettes on the Extended Edition DVDs, the appearance and structure of the city was based upon Mont Saint-Michel, France.


Without my glasses on, it’s the Myst island…


As for “no restaurants” there is (or was) one named “Sail Loft Restaurant” but I don’t know a thing about it. This earth-shattering knowledge came from Google Street View and a bit of virtual wandering. I’ve been planning a bit of hiking in Wales but maybe now I’ll have to extend the trip and wander down to Cornwall and have a look.

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I seem to remember that Alan Lee designed Minas Tirith after St. Michael’s Mount and Mont St. Michel.

(The reference is on film in the Appendices (“making of …”) of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.) :slight_smile:

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I can’t be the only person who thought Mont Saint Michel and St. Michael’s Mount were two names for the same place. Can I? Is that possible?


  • some poor, conscripted, dark-ages pikeman.

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