Montana Governor lifted the state's mask mandate. Now he has Covid-19

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Except he won’t, and then “it’s just a bad flu”.


Certain there was essentially no lag time between when there was talk of a vaccine and people stating the vaccine would give all recipients covid. So, a year and few months ago.

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Lifted the mask on stupid and it revealed…him.



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Oh no.


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I admire them more if they are in swing states, where there will be electoral consequences for their shoddy convictions.

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I was very surprised when I found out that Greg Gianforte was running for governor of Montana, as well as his various beliefs (literal view of the Bible, young earth creationism, and so forth). I knew Greg, although not terribly well, about 25 years ago, and had been looking into using another one of his company’s products about a dozen years ago.

Greg Gianforte’s company, Brightwork Development, made systems utility software for Novell NetWare and was based in his native New Jersey. They were acquired around 1993 or 1994 by McAfee Associates, and became “McAfee East,” our office on the East Coast. It was the first or second acquisition after John McAfee had left the company, if memory serves.

Despite being a little older than us, the company was about the same size (or just a little smaller) in terms of personnel, and I was amazed that they had internal training programs. I was really looking forward to taking his course for employees becoming managers.

While I’d been manager of technical support for all of my career at McAfee Associates, I’d never had any training provided by the company, so it was very much seat-of-the-pants stuff. The thought that I could get training on the “proper” way to do things was exciting for me. As it was, I was only in his first class for about 10-15 minutes, when Bill Larson, the President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors at McAfee, stuck his head in the door and yelled at me to get back to tech support, because the phone queues were backing up. And that was the end of that.

There were a few more conversations with Greg around the office, but I never got to do the training. I was impressed by the fact that he had both technical and business experience and seemed pretty savvy about how he used them, and that he actually seemed to care about his employee’s professional development; a concept that was completely foreign to McAfee Associates, Inc.

If I recall correctly, Greg became the first Vice-President of Technology at McAfee, but only lasted in that position for a few months afterwards due to the friction of not being in charge of everything like he was at Brightwork. The VP of Technology position became something of a musical chair for the owners of companies as they were acquired, with most people lasting in the position for a quarter before they left (perhaps under their own circumstances, perhaps not).

Many years later, I had come across RightNow Technologies, which was Greg’s new company that made knowledgebase software with some CRM hooks, and seemed to work well. My employer at the time was looking for this exact type of product, and I had reached out to Greg about the product. But by the time we were ready to purchase, Oracle had acquired the company and killed the product.

It is really sad to hear what has happened to Greg Gianforte since then. The business with beating up that reporter seemed so completely out-of-character to the person I knew, but I do understand how once people become multi-millionaires their perceptions of the world around them change.

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Yeah, we’re not hiring right now, but thanks.


I’ve always felt that the sort of person who’s really keen to run for public office, at least in America, is the last sort of person who you want in that sort of position, because it always looks like money is a major incentive. Local council members over here are more likely to be doing it out of a feeling of civic duty, the pay isn’t that great, and some are actually volunteers, who just get out of pocket expenses.
But I could be doing them/him an injustice.

Karma, meet bee-atch…

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