Moog Beethoven, in honor of his birthday!


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12/17 is his recorded baptismal. Birthdate is not officially known. Common baptismal practice at the time suggests 12/16 is his birthday. Per wikipedia, that is.



Happy Birthday indeed, to an old school blower of minds.


My band SymbionProject did a vintage synthesizer cover of Beethoven's Symphony #7, 2nd Movement a few years back. Happy Birthday Ludwig Van!


This just goes to show that it's really hard to ruin Beethoven's music.


Thank you! Let's just say I have a lifetime of vested interest in knowing that Beethoven's birthday was the 16th. It really peeved me to see Google celebrate it today instead.


We should all be so lucky that almost 200+ years after our death, we're remembered at all, let alone that our birthday was one day before.


Beethoven was a narcotics addict and syphilitc philanderer who drove his nephew to attempt suicide and died from acute cirrhosis due to his excessive drink. He neglected his appearance so badly that he was once mistaken as a tramp and arrested. He was once evicted from his quarters because he let food rot and ruined the bedsheets by never changing them. He was terrible with money. He was extremely arrogant, once writing, "my nature shows I do not belong among this plebian mass." He had a nasty temper, was suspicious of and cold to strangers, and was known never to forget a slight.

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happy belated birthday?




It's pretty well accepted that the secondary and tertiary effects of syphilis were the cause of so much, from his deafness to his death.

Untreated STDs ran amok in earlier generations. We are very lucky to be living in modern times.


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