Morissey and PETA released an anti-meat mobile game


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“Left, Left, Up, Left NO RIGHT! Dammit, I just cancelled another show for a bullshit reason.”


It’s like BurgerTime, if BurgerTime beat you over the head with its message and was no fun at all.


We generally don’t eat the cute/beautiful ones.

Should start at 2:12


I totally get the Pokemon reference. I have my suspicions about Professor Willow. What’s he doing with those million, nay, billions of critters people are giving him? My best guesses include fish bait, chicken nuggets, and pet food.


When do we get get the 8-Bit chiptuned version of “Girlfriend in a Coma”

The game writes itself…


In what I am sure is an unrelated note, I noticed the Channel “Will it Blend?” has a Pokemon series coming up…



Tasty, Tasty, murder…


This game is the biggest social crusade of all.

No, no it’s not. I think the Civil Rights movement has you beat. Maybe womens’ suffrage, too.


The failure message says “death for no reason” but the reason was very much that I wanted to see an imaginary chicken split in two by giant spinning blades.


Least efficient slaughterhouse ever. I’m sure Temple Grandin could design it to be both more humane and less wasteful so we can get the most out of the animals.


What a waste of imaginary tasty animals that imaginary people could have eaten.

Also Morissey is still alive? Why is it all the good performers die off but the sucky ones just keep going?


@pesco or whoever. What domains do I have to unblock to play the game? There’s no direct link to the game on the page, and I’m not guessing and testing just because you guys are less concerned about your security than I am about mine.

Could I at least get a direct link to whatever page PETA is hosting this thing on?

Imported scripts are nice, but they aren’t worth it when adblocking + scriptblocking by default is the only way to keep me from getting completely infected with malware, while being tracked to pixel accuracy around the web.

That Rolling Stone article doesn’t have a direct link to the game either. I’m not enabling scripting from a dozen domains just so you guys can have some fun.


He’s doing it out of spite because Johnny Marr is still alive?


As much as I liked his music, Morrissey must have become passe, because no one here seems to have noticed that his name was spelled wrong in the headline for this story.


“After mastering the game, players can save animals and the Earth in real life by going vegan.”

Can they still play Super Meat Boy? Because that game is a who-o-o-o-o-o-o-ole lotta death. (And fun.)


Or in my case, I simply didn’t give a hoot.


Is there a game where you try to keep PETA from murdering household pets?


And in the main text of the story. It’s becoming more and more common on BB. They recently had a story that took place in Austin, identified as being in Dallas for days before it was corrected. Accuracy has never been a priority here.


Well, I guess now we have evidence correlating a meat-free diet with an inability to distinguish “fun” from “repetitive”.

Also, you’d think that an organization dedicated to the ethical treatment of animals would stop beating a dead horse with these ham-fisted attempts at shoehorning their message into a format that might somehow go viral.