Mormon (LDS) church backs Utah medical marijuana legalization deal, even if November ballot initiative fails

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My heart goes out to you. Being a Utah resident must be tough.


I am also a resident of the Mormonic Republic of Zion. and happily signed the ballot petition. And while it is ridiculous for cannabis use to be illegal under any circumstances, I have long been outraged on behalf of those who need it medically over how long it’s taken to get to this point. I know of several parents who drives to Colorado to purchase it to help their children with their respective ailments, and it helps them.

Unlike, up to now, the LDS hierarchy and Utah Legislature (a distinction without a difference). Of course, as always with those institutions, I’ll believe it when I see it.


This would imply the church leaders take principle more seriously than moralism. How unexpected.


They pulled the same “no flower just oils” stuff in PA IIRC. Later, the expanded to flower, and now they’re looking at recreational. IMHO they know they can’t do it all at once so the first step is getting dispensaries set up and a legal supply chain… once those two are in place it’s easy to switch to flower from oil or whatever, you grow the weed either way. Similarly, once you have a secure storefront you can sell recreationally with just a tweak.


So… weird bar laws continue, but weed’s cool if your Dr. approves?

I’m all for it, but I wonder what the logic was in those closed chambers of elders in Salt Lake (and what part potential $$$ played into it)…

Also, no caffeine, because drugs bad MMMKay!

Maybe it’s ok to drink liquor and caffeine if your doctor prescribes it.


Ah, the good old days of highly alcoholic snake oil cures!

but seriously, some of Utah’s alcohol laws:

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AND, we are still voting “Yes” on Prop 2.

I don’t trust Greg Hughes as far as I could throw him, especially because they are calling a special session - AND he isn’t running for re-election. It is too important after the last crap of a law was passed to not keep the heat on them now.


Actually, yes, according to the Word of Wisdom, it would be in that case. AND, there is great rift among the members as to the “letter of the law” and the “spirit of the law” and sodas that contain caffeine. AND, @Bobo, that article is “old” by Utah liquor law standards. The worst part is they mess with the law every year or two so that we don’t even know what is legal at any given point, including last year when the lowered the DUI levels.

Are we to assume someone high up in the LDS has been diagnosed with cancer?

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FTFY. You’re welcome.

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Well, not yet!!

In mormonism? That’s bloody unheard of.


This is great news. I also live in Utah and I have been following the bill on a local radio show and last I listened all I heard was the LDS church (aka Utah Legislature), came out against the bill unless they brought it to a compromise. But, I don’t read local news so I was unaware of what the compromise actually was. It is something folks like you Xeni can benefit from. It’s a place to start.

I see what you did there. You would be surprised how liberal Salt Lake City is. But do to gerrymandering it’s political clout is lost at the ballot box. Also, it’s no fun knowing your vote for President won’t mean anything due to the electoral vote. It’s gotta go.

I signed it too, and when we chatted briefly in our pot slang, hi diddly diddly do, Hadily hidely ho. Giddily hidely go… and then the signee offered me a pot brownie for signing. I said to him, “My mom told me there were devils like you!” I ate the brownie anyway… it was tasty! I woke up naked in a park that night.

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They don’t know what they’re doing. They’re all baked in their closed door sessions anyway. They just don’t want the rest of us to partake. They’re bogarts!

Perhaps the lesser of two evils? If they have the same deadly opioid problem as everyone else, it’s worth trying for pain management and opioid withdrawal,