Morozov corrected


Perhaps you and I read this differently. I came to the perfectly reasonable conclusion that Evgeny Morozov is actually Suzanne Somers.


Wait…I thought he was the guitarist for Raising Force…

No, that’s Yvonne Craig. Cool fact: she was also Batgirl in the Adam West Batman series.


She was also everyone’s favorite green slave girl!

I actually plodded all the way through Morozov’s hit piece on Tim Oreilly in case there was something of substance there. I felt dirty afterwards. Morozov’s just a higher grade of troll. And it’s a pity he took down the Baffler with him,.

Correction: the word Correction should have been Corrections

If you make fun of people’s corrections, you just might find yourself living in a world where nobody ever says anything interesting for fear of being wrong.

Or maybe we could live in a world where people back up their statements with facts.

Morozov’s moronic hatchet job on Tim O’Reilly was corrected here a few months ago. Nice to see this clown crashing and burning on Boing Boing (if not in the wider world). But all props to him for making the most of his huckster opportunity while the door (evidently now closing) was wide open by a credulous public. This is what we Stanfordians call capitalism!

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