Mosque Bombing Foiled by FBI

From CNN:

A group of assholes got together to build a fertilizer bomb to blow up an apartment complex primarily occupied by Somalis.

The trio, members of a militia group that calls itself The Crusaders, wanted to “wake people up,” the DOJ said. They were stockpiling weapons and planned to release a manifesto after the explosion, Beall said at a news conference.

In case there was any doubt as to their asshole status:

Stein also mentioned that Allen had been arrested in a domestic violence case, causing Stein to worry Allen’s girlfriend would talk to police about their plans, the DOJ said.

This one hits a little close to home because the description of the apartment complex, where one of the units was rented out to serve as a mosque… I lived in that complex. Okay, not that specific complex, but one just like it when I was four and five. The Mosque-partment stocked ice cream in the kitchen, something my five year old brain was keenly aware of. A lot of the people living there were immigrants, and my parents were just starting out again after we moved back to the States having fled Kuwait because of Gulf War II.


Soooo…the FBI foiled a plot they didn’t put together in the first place?

Bless their hearts.


I know, right? I am not crazy about the FBI walking up to people and actively goading them into terrorism. I do kind of wish this was one of those cases, though. It’s a lot less alarming that way.


I am happy they are keeping an eye on the domestic terror groups.

I’ve known a few militia types and while there is more talk then action, there are plenty of them that will go out and make trouble if they feel that’s what needs to be done.


I’m not sure if they are, at least not based on this story alone. It sounds like a third-party went through the trouble of alerting the FBI. We don’t know who it was, but I hope they pick up a winning lottery ticket or stumble into some kind of good or decent fortune.


I have an almost overwhelming desire to take this cynically.

But no.

People’s lives were saved today. Innocent people.

The FBI may not be heroes every day, but they are today.



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