'Most Americans now know someone who has been infected with COVID-19'

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The US has taken this, like it takes so many things, to its logical conclusion: we have cultivated an inability to imagine that what is already happening right here might happen here.


And for every person you know who was confirmed infected, there are probably a dozen who were infected, recovered, and never knew.

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We learned Saturday that the husband of my wife’s in-game friend died of COVID-19. So now we’re in that group.

I had some work yesterday on the campus of a college in western Pennsylvania that is open and it was encouraging to see that everybody there wore a mask - even walking around outside. Maybe that curve of the percentage who know someone infected can be flattened.


There may also be the opposite reaction, that Covid is something natural that you just have to live with. How many people know of someone who have been killed in a car accident? Yet cars and their fatalities are just accepted as part of modern life.

Well then, that makes it ok!


Are car accidents highly contagious?


The ultimate expression of “My ignorance is better than your knowledge”. People who refuse to believe that a deadly disease even exists until it impinges on their personal little bubble.

Because any facts that you don’t like are just gaslighting by so-called experts who do not appreciate your lived experience of not getting sick. Who cares about pointy-headed nonsense like testing, measuring or statistics. I’m going to emote my way to the truth!


If the current scenario were equated to cars, it wouldn’t just be people accepting the risk of fatalities in car accidents, it would be people slicing the seat belts out of their cars as a political statement, then deliberately trying to crash into other cars at highway speeds because they think auto accidents are a liberal hoax.



Other countries have managed to get their numbers under control. We could too, but we’ve decided not to on the federal level, because it’s been politicized.


Apparently 6 degrees is not enough.

Would you have been happier if I had mentioned the anti-vaccers crowd who think measles is just natural and nothing to worry about?

I wasn’t making saying that shrugging and saying “shit happens” was a good response, I just pointed out that it is one that many people is likely to have. Just like they have towards smoking or eating too much junk food.

soon most americans will know someone who has died of COVID-19

Facts aren’t OK or not OK, they’re just facts.

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