Most dogs are like this


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At our house, we’ll eat gravel from the driveway as long as it has cheese wrapped around it.


You must be French?


Saw thread title, assumed @ActionAbe had started it.


Still, better than a neurotic little dog that will bark at and piddle in fear at its own shadow. They can’t all be Rin Tin Tin.


They could if we just quit interfering with natural selection.


my dog would be barking his head off not just in the first three situations, but also in many others.

“leaf blows through the yard”
“car drives by the house”
“gust of wind”


I had a cat that was exactly like that, too.


That’s why I wrap the burglar alarm in cheese wrappers.


You forgot ‘doesn’t like the cut of that cloud’s jib’


mustard AND mayo AND ketchup (how long will it take until the luck dragon closes down the upcoming flame war?)


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