Most European millennials would join "a large-scale uprising"

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Most European millennials would join “a large-scale uprising”

“The European Broadcasters’ Union polled 500,000 18-25 year olds”

“A minority of demographers and researchers start the generation in the mid-to-late 1970s, such as Synchrony Financial which describes Millennials as starting as early as 1976,[22][23] which uses 1976–1996,[24] MetLife which uses birth dates ranging from 1977–1994,[25] and Nielsen Media Research which uses 1977–1995.[26][27]”

Nope - 18-22 yo’s are not millennials - less than half of that grouping are.


This gen-Xer says, “Have at it, then!”


The linked source article says :

It is not every day that young people are asked by a major international agency whether they want to participate in a “large-scale uprising.” But this is exactly what the Union of European Broadcasters, the world’s largest alliance of public TV stations, did in a survey of nearly one million people between the ages of 18 and 35.

35 means you’re born in like 1982, which is way closer to the generally used starting date of late seventies to early eighties for “millenials”. That said, I’m very sceptical about any research that uses the term “millenials” in the first place (or “gen-x”, or “baby boomers”) and neither BoingBoing nor the source website are linking to the actual source research.

So, I personally won’t put too much stock in research like this and recent elections don’t really seem to show any drastic movements towards the left that would support this research either. I mean, France’s elections might have resulted in a center-left president, it also almost elected a far-right president. The Netherlands voted mostly center to right in their recent elections with again almost a far-right candidate winning. The UK’s Brexit vote seemed to be mostly powered from the populist right.


Huh. Whoda thunk the young ones there would be so traditional.


Probably why they won’t let most of then own anything more dangerous than very small rocks or maybe a duck.


No surprise you’d find a way to drag guns into the discussion.


people have been calling millennials 18-35 yo’s for what? a decade… if you were born in 1977 - you’re 40. btw - i’m skeptical of all these arbitrary designations - but - if you use them - you have to update them when time moves on.

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I dislike terms like millenial because they are not generally used for scientific reasons, but for making money.


how is that different from any other generational designation?

Also, most European countries might have strict gun laws, gun ownership is still very much possible here. Just visit the German countryside and you’ll see that hunting is a very popular sport there.

It’s not, like I said I also dislike terms like baby-boomers and gen-x.

Hey, hey we’re the Monkees,
and people say we monkey around.
But we’re too busy singing,
to put anybody down.

We’re just trying to be friendly,
Come watch us sing and play.
We’re the young generation,
And we got something to say.

the pre-fab four


So take note, 0.01%ers who thought you were smart enough this time around to be able to dominate the world and ride the money-wave without consequences. Your PR skills still aren’t slick enough. Keep pushing and pushing and you eventually get popular revolution, ending in either a right-wing nationalist demagogue or left-wing nationalist demagogue.

Here’s hoping they don’t just say “Ok, good run boys, reset the parameters based on how/when things went off a cliff this time, and we’ll try it again from the top. And Jones, try not to be quite so conspicuously, heiniously consumptive this time, we’re pretty sure that didn’t help.”


I mentioned very small rocks. And ducks.

But the point stands - good luck with a “large upscale uprising” with little means to push back. Hopefully the powers that be will cave. Hopefully.

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An uprising doesn’t have to be an armed uprising. In recent history the world has seen several large scale uprisings that were not armed. Also, the US does allow you to own pretty dangerous stuff, but an armed uprising there would still be next to impossible unless the army stages a coup.


Small arms are utterly, entirely, useless in asymetric warfare and uprisings against modern armies. They only call in air strikes and mark out people for clinical killing by trained killers in uniforms much more heavily armed. Guerillas avoid pitched battle and exchanging gunfire with armies if they want to be around for a second action.

Bombs, booby traps, missiles, mines, “improvised explosive devices” are the actual weapons that effectively counter state violence.

Anyway, the EBU is far too busy with the Eurovision on right now to deal with people’s methodological concerns with their research. Eurovision: much more important.


All the recent successful revolutions in Europe have been unarmed. All the armed insurrections have on the other hand been unsuccessful. And a shortage of firearms wasn’t the reason for their failure. Last I checked dozens of caches of unused arms had concrete poured over them in Ireland.

It’s just a dumb American meme about guns justifying US policy.


67% of all European millennials said they would refuse to fight for their countries in time of war

This is the important finding here.


This Gen-Xer says, “Can I help? I want to help.”